2016 and beyond

Welcome to 2016! I know, we ‘re already three weeks in but I’ve been so busy putting my new years resolutions into place/being sick I haven’t had much time for Livvy May.

This year I’ve actually thought more about the next five years as opposed to just this one. I’m turning 30 this year and as a typical virgo, am starting to put my five year plan into place. I have a successful career working in the media, I live in a fabulous city that feeds my creative aspirations and nurtures my soul and I’m in love with an incredible man who I see myself building a future with, so why not think ahead. There are so many questions that circulate my mind when thinking (worrying) about all the elements in my life I feel I should at my age. Those three elements of career, home and love aren’t always rosy and always come with questions. For example, do I see myself working for a major metropolitan newspaper my entire life, do I wonder about moving back to Queensland to raise a family where it’s cheaper and my children will be surrounded my family including their own cousins and does my partner in life have the same goals as I do? These elements are all virtuous and important but what I’ve realised is I can only live in the present. Perhaps one day I’ll take my boyfriend with me and move back to Queensland, maybe I’ll become a mum and realise I want to work for myself and not be dictated by the power players in the media industry. All I can do is live in the moment, surround myself with good people and take each challenge or opportunity as it arises. Therefore while my five year plan burns slowly in the back of my brain, my 2016 is in my current grasp and looking pretty rosy.


2016 got off to a not so pleasant start as I was struck down with two chest infections which double the dose of antibiotics to get rid of but I’m on the mend now and settling back into work and into my new hours for the year. I’ll be Sun-Thurs this years and working early but I welcome the change and some of the positives that may come with it – more time to work on the blog, to connect with like-minded people, to focus on my health and wellbeing and to save some money. Bring it on!


I’m not one for setting unrealistic expectations for myself – there are certain things I need in life. I need a frozen raspberry when I go to to the movies, I need a red wine when I dine out on pizza or pasta and sometimes I need a day in bed binge watching Real Housewives of Beverley Hills, or Atalanta or the OC (the list of Housewives goes on). Without those things I wouldn’t be me and being me is pretty great (most of the time) haha!


So, on the realistic route, I’ve started the year off well by eating great and going to the gym. I’ve planned two trips overseas with my love and a few trips back home to see my babies and the rest of my family (but come on we know it’s all about my nieces and nephews #TheyAreTooCute). I’ll also move apartments and set up a love nest with bae and will finally manage a larger team at work with which to bounce ideas off and help grow to make our social channels so much stronger.


When it comes to Livvy May, I plan to continue to have fun with it because that’s why I started it in the first place. That’s not to say I don’t want to challenge myself and push the boundaries. I’ve love to learn more about the photography side of things. Working as a journalist for so many years, you become used to just focusing on the words as you work with photographers on a daily basis who will take care of the imagery but as I run this website on my own and want to continually take it to new levels, having those technical skills will give me a fresh edge and passion for my hobby. Words will always be second nature to me (if you know me, you’ll know that as I never shut up) so why not work on the aspects of my life that don’t come so easily.


To accompany this post, I’ve incorporated snaps of a recent trip home to Noosa (my happy place). Why not start the year off with a smile on your face, by the ocean, wearing nothing but a bikini and soaking in that beautiful sun – my idea of heaven.


What’s your plans for the year ahead? Also, I’d love to know if there are any freaks out there like me who are thinking 5 years ahead from now 😉

Lotsa love to you all and to 2016,

LM x x

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