A beauty spring clean

Spring is in the air and with the new season comes freshness, vitality and a new lease on life ready for summer.

After my recent trip to Mexico, I’ve returned and decided it’s not only time for a detox but also a spring clean. A spring clean of not only my wardrobe but my beauty basket as well. It’s often we feel the need to detox our bodies of bad food and spring clean our wardrobes to eliminate clothes we don’t wear but I’ve never thought to sort through my beauty basket and rid my regime of unused and undesirable products. This has become a necessity as I become older there are certain products my skin adores and others products that don’t make the cut.

Carmex has always made the cut as it’s packed with moisture, SPF, repairing remedies and a few key items in the range come with a colourful sheen for nights out with the girls.

There are various times of the day when your lips crave a certain ingredient and I’ve found one for all occasions. For everyday use the Original Flavour Jar and Tube are perfect for topping up your lips when moisture is required. For those times in the sun (let’s face it there’s plenty of them when living in an Australian climate), the Original Flavour Stick and Strawberry Flavour Stick are perfect to pack in your beach bag for those days baking by the beach as they contain SPF. My favourite though for nights on the town are from the Moisture Plus range – an ultra hydrating lip balm that helps keep your lips feel soft, supple and smooth. Available in Sheer Pink Tint, Sheer Peach Tint, or Clear Satin Gloss. In fact, the Moisture Plus Sheer Pink was awarded the Reader’s Choice for Best Lip Gloss in the Australian Beauty Awards. They are also perfect to wear underneath your lipstick.

As I reach closer to 30 (I know, it terrifies me too) I need to put into perspective what products are essential to my everyday beauty regime and how much more time I now invest into caring for my skin. It’s exhausting and considering I work in a fast paced environment with long hours and when I come home, I’m tired and I need products that make life simple yet are effective. The fact Carmex contains camphor and menthol – ingredients that give a cooling effect and soothe rough, chapped lips caused by environmental factors – encouraging a healthy appearance that feels as good as it looks means it’s a product that belongs in my beauty basket.

What products do you have in your beauty basket? Lotsa love, LM X x


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