A day in Summer Bay

Hold me in your arms, don’t let me go, I want to stay forever, closer each day…. Home and Away!

Yep, you guessed it, I dreamt of being on Home and Away since I was a little girl and while the dream never came to fruition I recently was able to walk along it’s remarkable beach, hike to the lighthouse and kiss my boyfriend outside the surf club, while wishing it was Brax for a minute or two.

Palm Beach is about an hours drive out of Sydney but well worth it. It’s lovely to escape the hustle and bustle of the city sometimes and go somewhere where time seems to stand still and you can really enjoy the company you keep and appreciate the life you live. It’s not too often I take the time to do this.


Upon arriving at Palm Beach I knew I had stumbled on to Home and Away territory, especially when a woman from the UK approached me at the parking meter and asked if this was where Alf and Irene lived. When I responded with this is where the show is filmed, she was ecstatic #fangirl. We began with a hike up to the lighthouse which is one of the main attraction at Palm Beach. It’s up hill with no water stops along the way so take a bottle with you just in case. Despite the up hill battle the view is well worth it, with an exquisite landscape stretching from coast to coast. We obviously took a token couple shot on the clifftop with our gym gear on before ducking heading back down to the beach and doing a quick costume change ready for our Valentines Day lunch (did I mention it was Valentines Day meaning I spent the day with my man and the night with the girls).


Once we had changed, it was maxi dress on and off to The Boathouse (which funnily enough is attached to Alf’s Bait and Tackle shop) for lunch.


I’ve been to The Boathouse at Balmoral before and loved it but this was better. Not as crowded, I found the staff a little more helpful and the scenery was truly spectacular. It’s a different vibe to most restaurants as you have to line up to order your food but despite the line being huge, I don’t mind as there are always so many beautiful things to look at, like fresh fruits and abundant bunches of floral arrangements.


The food was quick and tasty with my Valentine ordering his usual choice of burger and chips and me opting for mine, a salad. The burger looked simply succulent and I could tell he thoroughly enjoyed it, however, the salad was not nearly as satisfying. Unfortunately it was brimming with kale – an ingredient I normally like but don’t enjoy when it’s not listed in the description – making my loved up lunch slightly less lovely.


Having said that, the sweets afterwards were well worth it, especially as it was the one cheat day I gave myself during I Quit Sugar. Lemon meringue tarts are always a winner with me, just don’t put too many in front of me as I will probably devour them.


After lunch, we went for a beautiful stroll along the beach and  gazed into each other’s eyes and blah, blah, blah, lovey dove dove and all that jazz. We didn’t really, the walk yes but after a quick stroll and a refreshing dip it was time to leave the bay and head back to reality.

Would love to hear what your favourite childhood TV Shows were? X x

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