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It’s bloody HOT Sydney! But we can’t complain… 

After a fairly unusual summer where rain and cool weather seemed to appear every second week, we finally have some sunshine, and plenty of it! With this sunshine has come some raging heat but we love it right? Yep, we do, cause we’re Aussie.


I’m proud of who I am and where I come from, we live in a beautiful country. It’s diverse, widespread, cultural and simply stunning. When the sun is out there is nothing better than popping on a skimpy, yet stylish summer dress, grabbing your purse and heading out for some afternoon drinks. Which brings us to to the nation’s favourite day, Australia Day. There are plenty of pubs across our fine country with which to chug a beer and watch some unusual activity. Whether it’s chowing down on Kanga Burgers at The Tudor in Redfern or simply ogling at the Harbour Bridge and Opera House from The Glenmore Hotel, there’s something for everyone.


Now, I bet you already know what you’re up to come Tuesday. Come on, we’re Aussie and there’s nothing better than a public holiday. What I’m here to help you with is what to wear. Blue, white or red are appropriate or of course if you’re feeling extra bold, you can always don yellow and green. I’m a sucker for red. I think it’s something to do with the dark hair and how it always seems to make me feel vibrant and alive. This dress from Boohoo is the perfect ‘arvo drinks’ dress. It’s comfy (I can sink a few beers in it without adopting a pot belly), cute and has a hint of sexiness with the high neckline and keyhole cut out. I chose to keep accessories to a minimal as there’s so much detail in the dress but my best advice is to team with a cross-over bag and comfortable footwear. I always wear a cross-over bag on big day events like this. Most places are packed and after a few drinks the worst thing you can do is forget where you put your clutch bag – with a cross-over, it’s attached permanently to the hip.


What are you Australia Day plans? And more importantly, what will you be wearing?

Lotsa love, LM xx

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