Blue Lagoon

I’ve been promising for quite some time a second instalment to my post on Mexico, well as the weather heats up in Sydney I feel the time may be right as I’m less likely to instil jealousy in all of you, I am a kind-hearted lady after all… 

The final part of my Mexican adventure was spent in a place called Tulum which apparently hosts one of the best beaches in the entire world and I’d have to say I’d agree. It’s a quaint beachside town known for its crystal blue waters and ancient ruins. I got to experience both with plenty of action-packed activities and exploring thrown in either side. 


To begin, a reminder I was on a birthday trip for a wonderful friend of mine and there were six of us in total. We spent the first five days in luxury in Playa Del Carmen at the Viceroy; however, unfortunately the trip didn’t end on a high with regards to accommodation. On our Tulum leg, we stayed at Dreams Resort and it left little to be desired. I’m not normally one to write negative reviews because most of the experiences or products I write about I have selected because I already love them or am brand loyal based on prior use but booking accommodation is always an unknown and while Dreams may suit a certain demographic, it wasn’t for us. If you’re a party of six girls who have travelled 20 hours to relax, unwind, party and with a keen interest in food, wine, socialising, fashion etc then it’s not the place for you. This place was a family resort where like most of Mexico it’s all inclusive but unfortunately the food was nothing to write home about. This forced us to eat out a lot which was great as it opened our eyes and our palates to some authentic cuisine, however, frustrating as you’ve paid for those meals already but they are simply not up to par with the food you’re accustomed too, especially as we had come from amazing cuisine at Viceroy. The other downfall was the enormity of the resort. At Viceroy, we had become accustomed to a boutique environment and a certain level of service – they knew our names and our favourite cocktails but with a mass amount of people at Dreams there was no personalisation added to the experience. 

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However, moving past the somewhat disastrous accommodation Tulum was an exciting place to stay and the activities available are fun-filled and adventurous and exactly what I needed after 5 days lazing around the pool in Playa Del Carmen. From quad biking, to zip lining, cenote exploring and eating street food, this is where we truly got to experience the beauty, culture and magic of Mexico. 


Have you ever been to a cenote – outdoor or in a cave, they are incredible? The water is cold, clear and fresh and when you swim around in its deep pools you feel like an extra on Blue Lagoon. Brooke Shields eat your heart out – Livvy May is coming your way… That wasn’t the only part of the trip that was rather adventurous as I zip lined across a rainforest and quad biked my way through beaten tracks, I was feeling quite the Lara Croft (minus the fit body of Angelina Jolie).  A warning when quad biking – be careful of insurance fees as his is not usually part of the pre-purchase package, however, asked for upon commencement of activity. 


In terms of food when we escaped the hell that was Dreams, the beachside cafes and restaurants all had a relaxed vibe with smooth tunes and even smoother cocktails. Hartwood in Tulum was definitely one of the best restaurants we ate at, with authentic Mexican cuisine served al a carte, although this was not authentic Mexican prices but by this stage and the need for some fine dining, no price was too steep. In fact, Hartwood’s menu changes daily based on the sea and land that offer them their latest harvest – a rather nice philosophy to live by. 

By far, one of my favourite experiences was heading into town with my trusty Canon and spending a day perusing the markets, eating authentic street food and meeting some of the locals. There really are no words to describe the children’s beautiful faces, the colourful houses and the taste of carnitas – very tender and juicy pork meat, which is then typically served with chopped coriander leaves, diced onionsalsaguacamoletortillas, and refried beans so why don’t I just show you… 
















To sum up my Mexican experience I essentially wanted to achieve a few things (mostly things from Rupert Holmes 1970’s classic hit, Escape, the Pina Colada song) and I believe I did. 

“That you like pina coladas and getting’ caught in the rain” – Did it

“And the feel of the ocean and the taste of champagne” – Did it

“If you like making love at midnight in the dunes on the cape” – Enjoy it but didn’t do it (my bf wasn’t with me!)

You’re the lady I’ve looked for, come with me and escape” – Thanks for thinking of me so fondly Mexico, I think I will escape with you again and sooner rather than later. 

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Lotsa love, LM x x

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