Care now, reap the rewards later

I’m blessed to be surrounded by so many beautiful women in my life who inspire me daily to be the best version of myself I can be. And while beauty is all about taking care of what we have and what we are blessed with from our mothers and grandmothers it’s crucial to feeling good both on the outside and within.

Growing up I’d always been interested in beauty and how I can use various products and ingredients to make my skin as luxurious as I hoped it could be. Due to my strong interest – which resulted in the creation of this blog – my sister has continually asked me what advice I could bestow upon her. My sister is one of the most beautiful people I know. A mother-of-three who puts her family’s needs above her own and cherishes the precious moments when she can relax, unwind and take some much needed ‘me’ time (this doesn’t happen very often). This beautiful woman, I admire so much has struggled with her skin for many years, trying to find solutions to breakouts and continually searches for an overall skin regime she could adopt in her everyday, busy routine. Well, my beloved Emily, I may have found your solution, Dermalogica.


I recently underwent a Facemapping analysis at Dermologica HQ in Crows Nest and it’s definitely something I would recommend to anyone out there struggling to identify their skin issues and what they can do to best treat it on a daily basis.



The process begins with a thorough analysis and diagnosis of your skins current behaviour – my main issue is a lack of hydration. Then after one of the most luxurious and relaxing facials I’ve ever experienced a program is worked out to help you reach your goals. I need to adopt more masks into my routine and use a balanced toner, as a result I’m already seeing a noticeable change. It even feels easier to blend makeup as my skin is more hydrated and luminous – something I desperately needed in order to maintain a clean and and dewy complexion.


If you’re struggling to understand your skin and what you can do to best assist it, I cannot recommend Facemappng enough, it truly is one of the most personalised experiences your skin will ever receive. Lotsa love, LM xx

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