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I love cooking and preparing my own food. I always have from a young age and like to think I learnt from the best Рaka my Ma. However, I must admit I recently took a few weeks off, stepped away from the stove and allowed myself to try something new. Suffice to say, I was impressed. 

Youfoodz is the latest in fresh, fast delivery services taking over Australia and boasts a large and varied menu combining options from breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The range is nothing short of impressive with all your faves from home-made fish and chips to tasty curries all covered. And the best part of all is they’re healthy!

Youfoodz meals won’t leave you feeling heavy, they’re light and incredibly fresh and are just the right portion size. My boyfriend and I love cooking together, it’s one of our favourite things but we really weren’t complaining about getting home straight from the gym and having a delicious meal served up in 2 minutes. Aside from the beautiful fresh dinner/lunch items there’s plenty of delicious goodies from protein balls and healthy pancakes to my favourite little treat, sticky date pudding! ūüėČ


Here’s a look at my top 5¬†favourite meals we tried and the prices:

The Clean chicken and broccoli¬†was a personal favourite and perfect for lunch on the go or dinner after a ¬†hard session at the gym. ¬†At a cost of $9.95 it’s wasn’t only affordable but seriously tasty with a citrus dressing and pine nuts.


The¬†Mexo Burrito Bowl also coming in at a cool $9.95 is on par with some of the best Mexican street food I’ve eaten in Mexico itself.¬†

Pic credit: YouFoodz

Pic credit: YouFoodz

Another favourite and perfect for a fat Friday (without the extra calories) is the YFC with Potato Gravy & Coleslaw. As a kid, I loved our occasional treat of KFC and the potato and gravy was always my number one choice, so it was amazing to feel a little indulgent eating this $9.95 special without the extra guilt. 

Pic credit: YouFoodz

Pic credit: YouFoodz

It may cost a little bit extra but the¬†Steak & Mushrooms with Baked Spud¬†is well worth it, at a reasonable cost of $14.95. It’s actually one of the best steaks I’ve ever had. The portion size is perfect and it’s cooked to perfection. The mushroom sauce is also super fresh and adds an extra kick of flavour to an already delicious dinner.¬†

Pic credit: YouFoodz

Pic credit: YouFoodz

Finally, to cap off my fave five, I cannot go past my ultimate dessert choice, Sticky Date Pudding with YouFoodz own,¬†Sticky Date & Chia Seed Goodness. To think this wasn’t made with all the full-fat goodness of a regular sticky date but with chia seeds. Simply scrumptious and the tastiest treat to end the night on. We shared this one but I must admit, it was a challenge.¬†


Lotsa love, LM xx

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