Double the Trouble

It’s by the bay and was, in fact, the first area of which I became an official resident when venturing to Sydney just over a year ago. So is it really double the trouble?

Evening strolls through the streets of Double Bay

Evening strolls through the streets of Double Bay

Double Bay or as I heard from an abundance of people when I moved there, ‘Double Pay’ is a thriving area set in the eastern suburbs. Surrounded by Paddington, Woollahra and Edgecliff, this is a hub of boutique bars, boutique eateries and, well, boutiques! Boasting some of the most fabulous fashion in Australia, Double Bay has an ocean of designer labels swimming with women who look as though they can afford to buy there, and more! However, this is what makes the area unique and sets it apart from so many of the beachside districts you see in Sydney. It reminds me of a small scale version of Rodeo Drive and I often feel myself having ‘Julia Roberts’ moments whenever strolling along its dim lit, tree covered lanes.

The neighbourhood boasts a rich culture of European history reflected through the product offerings of many of the cafes and restaurants. From rich coffee and cakes to healthy revitalising juice bars and delizioso pizza eateries, Double Bay is brimming with options (just be sure to have your Chanel handbag, Prada sunglasses and even a cute puppy in tow so you can fit in with the ‘A crowd’).

Lunch at Indigo Cafe

Lunch at Bar Indigo

One of my favourite cafes is Bar Indigo on Cross Street and trust me when I say it’s a hot spot. There’s even a sit down area to wait for a table – this moves reasonably quickly. The service is swift but not pushy and considering I couldn’t make up my mind what to eat – the staff were more than helpful in talking me through a decision. I opted for the open fresh Tasmanian smoked salmon sandwich on rye with chevre, caper berries, kipfler potatoes, and butter leaf, avocado and asparagus salad. A mouthful I know and trust me it was a scrumptious one! The coffee is lovely also, although I was drooling over their wine list, but it wasn’t quite wine o’clock, so a caffeine fix was my next best choice. Bar Indigo doesn’t have much scenery – it’s not set on the water and you can’t see the bay but it’s the people watching that is a pure pleasure, as you’re able to sit back, relax, and indulge in the tasty morsels and the glamourous people eating them.

Scanlan and Theodore SS 13/14

Scanlan and Theodore SS 13/14

I posed the question earlier is Double Bay really double the trouble? It’s troublesome considering the mischief you can get up to in this neck of the woods both at bars and boutiques (in fact I did a little of both last week)! So where did I play up with my credit card during the day and a little too much champagne at night? My favourite boutiques are by far Scanlan and Theodore, Jan Logan and Leona Edmiston, however, there’s also Cue and some more affordable fashions in the area. The shops are all broken up by cafes and juice bars down the strip so you can spend a little money on some luxe labels and get a refreshing beverage along the way. At night, there are plenty of hot spots to suit all types of patrons. If you are after a bar full of glamourous people (WARNING: you may feel totally insecure), cool beats and perhaps even a C grade celebrity or two, then Pelicano or Mrs Sippy are the places for you. If you’re a little more down to earth (like most Queensland girls are) then the Royal Oak Hotel or The Golden Sheaf are more up your alley with beats pumping, beer flowing and plenty of guys and gals to mix with on a ‘big’ night out!

Despite the fact I no longer reside in Double Bay, it’s a place I do enjoy visiting from time to time, if not for the bevvy of beauties, bars and boutiques but sometimes just so I can feel a little like one of my favourite movie characters; Vivian from Pretty Woman strutting up and down Rodeo Drive (minus the knee high boots, post makeover with a bunch of shopping bags) yep – that’s the dream! If you’re reading this Richard Gere, call me…

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