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Something terrible recently happened to me, it’s so bad I almost can’t bring myself to admit it. However, considering how much I adore you all, it’s time to confess.

All the products you'll need for a flawless natural look and best of all it's all from ModelCo

All the products you’ll need for a flawless natural look and best of all it’s all from ModelCo

The other night when out on the town, I was not carded! Yep, you heard me, at 27 years of age I have stopped being asked for identification when entering bars and clubs. To most people this may seem completely normal and you may be thinking why is Livvy May whingeing about something so insignificant. Well, I suppose I’m quite sensitive about this topic because for years now I’ve been carded everywhere I go, people have been surprised when I’ve shared my age with them and I’ve still been able to pass as a high school student. Alas, those days are now behind me and as I say goodbye to my youthful, dewy skin and embrace 27, I’ve realised I need all the help I can get!

Enter one of my favourite beauty brands, ModelCo. Not only have they looked after me with a sun kissed golden hue every weekend for the past nine years with their Tan Aurbrish in a Can but now they are helping me with their gorgeous and continually expanding makeup range. It’s strange how your makeup style changes through the years – long gone are my days of wearing caked on foundation, too much rouge and false lashes . I’ve adoped a more natural look that suits both my age, style and mature personality . When you are younger you can do big and bright because that’s what your personality reflects, however, as you grow so does your personality and therefore your look should signify that time in your life. Right now I’m going through a bit of a bold lip phase (you may have noticed this in my photo shoots). The key is to keep the rest of your look minimal and focus on either the eyes or the lips. It’s the same as the signature fashion rule – should I show leg or chest? Never both – it’s overkill! Well the same applies in this instance so a bold lip and gorgeous natural lashes are the way forward for me.

So how do I get mine – it all starts with a brilliant primer and you can’t go past ModelCo Face Base Skin Primer – this will ensure your makeup has maximum longevity, which in the Australian heat is an absolute must. Next I use a cream based foundation and always ensure it comes with an SPF of 15+ or more. ModelCo BB+ Cream in SPF 30 provides maximum sun protection and is a lovely thick consistency that coats the face without looking ‘caked on’ – the trick to finishing the base is to use a large brush and lightly powder the face with a bronzer. This not only gives you a sun-kissed look but locks the cream in so it lasts throughout the day.

For essential eye makeup look no further

For essential eye makeup look no further

Now for the eyes and it’s all about the lashes and brows for me. Keep them long and lush but not too heavy. ModelCo has a fantastic 2 in 1 mascara that actually magnifies the lashes. How does the saying go – fake it till you make it! Well those falsies you’ve always wanted can be achieved with ModelCo’s revolutionary Fibre Lash Brush On False Lashes. It will give you dramatic length in seconds. Seriously, it’s not often I call a product revolutionary but this one is!

All hail Queen Cara and those brows!

All hail Queen Cara and those brows!

However, my favourite product in the ModelCo makeup range is most definitely the Designer Brow Kit. I admit, I’m no Negative Nancy and I know I have some positive physical attributes but one attribute I’m not a fan of is my brows. They’re thin and so not Cara Delevingne (but then who’s are) until now. Ok well still not Cara but this kit has certainly defined my brows and what more could a fashionista ask for.

Finally, to top off my look I always like something on my lips; if not bright and bold then a pale pink with a fine gloss always does the trick. For my shoot with my gorgeous friend and photographer extraordinaire, Tracey Johnson I opted for lip shade, ‘Coachella Crush’ – I’ve always wanted to hit the festival so until I eventually do I’ll rock the colour. So with a pretty pout of ‘Cochella Crush Matte Lipstick’ I give you a luscious Livvy May kiss goodbye! Remember I did all of this on my own and I’m no makeup artist so essentially you can too, it’s all about having the right products and a whole lotta confidence. Be proud of who you are and rock a bold lip from time to time – trust me it’ll give you a new sense of power! X x


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    Stunning photos!!

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    Love this!! Looking beautiful!! I’m off to buy a primer!!

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      Livvy May

      Primers are the only way to go! We all want that extra long coverage X x

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