Fuh, fer, pho!

Vietnamese cuisine is delicious, healthy and in my opinion there’s one particular dish that is also good for the soul…Pho! This week I track down where the best pho is at and how you can turn a simple dinner into a night out on the town. Of course I’ll also tell you what you should wear.

Pho at Madame Nhu

Pho at Madame Nhu

Pho – commonly pronounced as fuh or fer is a Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of broth, rice noodles, herbs and meat and well it’s simply scrumptious. I was first introduced to this delightful dish by my gorgeous girlfriend Jade Russell – head Graphic Designer of Style Magazines in Brisbane. We’d spend our lunch breaks dining out at our local hot spot where she showed me how this dish could cure a cold, alleviate my hunger and feed my soul. But what would I do about finding the best pho in Sydney? Get another gorgeous girlfriend to assist me and make a night of it!

My girlfriend Lisa Williams is a huge fan of Surry Hills, she’s a Welsh woman living in Bondi with a fab wardrobe and killer bod – you’d say a typical Bondi babe and to top it all off she always knows the best places to go. It was a Saturday evening in Surry Hills and I was still fighting off a cold but adamant it wouldn’t disrupt my weekend plans. Lisa suggested Madame Nhu – where in her opinion they serve the best pho in Sydney and it seems now I’d have to agree!

Combination rice paper rolls at Madame Nhu

Combination rice paper rolls at Madame Nhu

It’s a quaint, rather intimate interior setting but provides a bubbling atmosphere. We sat on the stools overlooking the street at all the hipsters passing by and girls dolled up to the nines in their Saturday night get up. With regards to cuisine the choices were endless and we simply couldn’t go past a combination rice paper roll and naturally the classic pho – with extra chilli! Everything came out fresh and fast and was indeed super filling but not so filling that a few cocktails at some of the surrounding bars were where we headed next.

So this is where the fun really begins and despite being a little under the weather, I had my MLM leather dress on and there was no way I wasn’t hitting the town. There are literally so many amazing bars on this list; I’m considering dedicating an entire post just to bars in Surry Hills. So cocktails were sampled at Longrain, Bar H, The Wild Rover and to finish the night off a Margharita at Tio’s. Tio’s is a quirky place – started by Two Shady Pines bartenders and is coined as a super-fun tequila bar and that it is!

For a night out in this suggestive and saucy night spot, I opted for a little leather number, I’d describe as dark and mysterious with a hint of hipster. MLM is a brand I was recently introduced to, who is doing amazing thing with co-ords, leather and my favourite, leopard print. Very bold with a hint of eighties power dressing, this is one label that has me hooked. Don’t forget a red lip too which always adds a touch of sass for a night out in Surry. X x

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    Love it Liv! When I went to Vietnam, I tried to be all knowledgeable in my pronunciation of pho the first time I ordered it. ‘Can I please have some fuh?’ I asked. The Vietnamese lady looked at me strangely and said, ‘oh – foe?’. Haha. I never attempted to pronounce ‘fuh’ again. 🙂

    • Reply December 12, 2013

      Livvy May

      Lol, love it Luce! Trust me I’ve made multiple mistakes myself when attempting this rather difficult pronunciation! X x

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