Fulfilling my foodie fantasies at Chiswick

Ever since I moved to Sydney I have been dying to go to Chiswick. I mean it’s only up the road from where I live and I’m a massive Matt Moran fan having dined at Aria in both Brisbane and Sydney. So my Birthday seemed like the perfect time to bite the bullet and make one of my sweet Sydney fantasies a reality.photo 4Entering the premises, situated on the gorgeous Ocean St in Woollahra, I felt like I was floating on a cloud or at least had been transported to that scene in Mary Poppins where they sing supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. The greenery, the garden, the white furnishings, it was pure countryside yet set in the heart of the eastern suburbs. Better still, only a five minute walk from home which meant I could indulge in a bottle of wine or two and drink the afternoon away! With the perfect combination of exceptional eats, delightful drinks and culminating conversation with consummate company I was about to embark on the perfect long lunch #winning.

photoAfter consuming champagne pre-lunch, we indulged in rose’ and their infamous Rosemary flat bread (this is to die for) as we sifted through the menu and selected a smorgasbord for the afternoon that awaited us. We decided the day was all about sharing (even though it was MY birthday haha) so we ordered entrees and mains to share as dessert I decided would be all mine!

For entree we opted for the sashimi of yellow fin tuna, beetroot and apple and secondly, the crisp buttermilk chicken, cabbage with chilli mayonnaise. Both were heavenly mouthwatering and with the chilli mayo providing the perfect kick for the chicken and the sashimi literally melting in the mouth, it was the most wonderful way to start the day. Ahh I’m hungry just thinking about it!

photo 1photo 2

After the entrees it was all about the mains and I have to say this was the highlight of the day as we order one of the most talked about Chiswick meals – that’s right, THE LAMB! The wood roasted Moran family lamb, chermoula and cous cous which we teamed with the hand made gnocchi, peas, broad beans, mint and lemon which was all simply scrumptious. The meat fell off the bone (look left at the lamb) and the gnocchi burst with flavour and left a hint of zing at the back of the palette making me feel so refreshed I kept going back for more. It was the perfect spring supper which we certainly demolished!

So what about the moment you’ve all been waiting for, ahh yes, dessert complete with ‘Happy Birthday’ and a candle but my rhubarb bombe Alaska wasn’t all we dined on. Between us myself and my party guests feasted on the Chiswick chocolate rocky road and the homemade waffles, banana with caramel ice cream. Our forks were fighting at this stage….

photo 3Heading well into the evening and with cocktails to finish the night off I had just completed the ultimate long lunch – a personal favourite of mine because afterwards you can slip into bed at a reasonable hour and be feeling reasonably chipper (probably due to the rose’)! On a final note, my experience at Chiswick was all I could have hoped for and more and I will be delighted to go there again and again and again!

Oh yeah and first review to get five out of five on all three categories. Chiswick = #killinit!

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