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I  must admit, I’m a bit of a fitness fanatic, not the hardcore kind who deprives herself of the good life (chocolate and wine) but the kind who relishes on the endorphins I get after a full body workout session.

Since moving to Sydney almost three years ago, I signed up to Evolution Boot Camp at Bronte beach and never looked back. It’s a group run by Matt Buckland with a mixed range of attendees from mums and dads to professionals and uni students, who get together and train from 6-7am Monday to Friday and some weekends. Many of these people have become friends and you really grow together and push one another to achieve specific goals and for a girl from Queensland, I’ve made some of my greatest gal pals here at 6am each morning.


To celebrate all things fitness, I thought I’d let you you in on a few secrets to keep you motivated as the cooler months kick in, with everything from workout tips, to healthy eating and the best fitness fashion on the market. I’m obsessing over the new Stephanie Rice Range for Russell Athletic – in fact it I love it so much I decided to style it for a shoot to accompany this post. I love the range understands our lives are busy and the fact we work hard, but we still like to have fun. I can totally see myself indulging in brunch or a shopping date in this attire. The Performance range takes a realistic approach to exercise and this is reflected in the design and technologies of the range.


I may be able to deliver the goods when it comes to what to wear but in terms of  what to eat and how to sculpt your body I might leave that up to the expert, aka my trainer Matt:

Matt Buckland from Evolution to Wellbeing

Matt Buckland from Evolution to Wellbeing

1.       How long have you been a fitness instructor? I have been around sports for my whole life but I have been training groups/individuals in Sydney for the last 7 years.

2.       What got you involved in the industry? My family I guess – sports were always so big in my house so it seemed like the natural avenue to follow

3.       What are three things that motivate you to keep fit, that’s also easy for others to adopt? The first would have to be my clients – it’s so inspiring to watch them pushing themselves to their limit you can’t help but want to go and train yourself! Second would be the feeling you get after you have just trained – you NEVER regret doing a session and lastly it sounds bit weird but you surely have to want to be as fit and healthy as you can so you can be around to see your kids grow up!

4.       What’s the secret to staying on track when it comes to your fitness goals? Dedication and commitment – these two words are an absolute must if you want to hit your goals – there will always be “something” to tempt you to stray off track whether it be a night out, a naughty treat or a cheeky pizza but the key is to “pick your battles” you don’t have to go to everything, eat everything or do everything – moderation is always best! Also snap off the snooze button on your alarm clock!

5.       Three superfoods we should all be consuming? I am a massive believer that we should all be taking activated barley, maca powder and camu camu plus anyone who knows me will know how big a fan of olive leaf extract I am – not had a cold or the flu for 6 years thanks to this little beauty!

6.       The top three exercises for a full body workout? Burpee’s are a must as are squat jumps and hill sprints!

7.       How many weight sessions versus cardio sessions should you do a week? This is tough one  – variety is the key to any exercise program in order for your body to avoid plateau so mix it up as much as you can and do a bit of cardio, weights and abs in every session that way you don’t get overkill

8.       Apart from exercise, what other tips do you have in order to live a healthy life? I love my sleep and can’t get enough of it – most people are sleep deprived so pay close attention to your hours per day as anything less than 8 hours per night will leave you at risk of illness and disease

9.       The best outdoor activity to do on the weekend that combines fitness but is super fun? I think team sports are great as it allows you to stay healthy aswell as catch up with friends – a great way to spend a day

10.   Your favourite Sydney hot spot for brunch/lunch? I’m a big fan of Catalina for a more extravagant lunch but if its brunch then either Bellagio or Popolo – they both do a great breakfast!

Enough said, we live in a beautiful country, where we should all be embracing the great outdoors, so I encourage you to try it this weekend. Whether it’s yoga or on the beach, soft sand running or jogging in the park – get out there and give it a go.

Lotsa love, LM


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