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Hola! i recently returned from Mexico and I have to say I’d go back in a heartbeat. Let me share with you why…

It all started with my gorgeous friend Tash who was turning 30 and invited me to join her and four other fabulous ladies for ten days lounging by the beach in Mexico and drinking margaritas. Let’s just say i didn’t hesitate to join the party.

Our first stop was Playa Del Carmen, a small town around 45 minutes from Cancun. Described as a small party place, this town is quaint, vibrant and bursting with culture. The centre of town is a great place to base yourself, however we opted to stay a little further out (around a 15min taxi ride) out of town and near the beach. Now, I’ve travelled a lot but I’ve always opted for the backpacking option as it suited my lifestyle and the type of travelling I was doing at the time but this time round we went all out and despite not being used to the luxury I settled into our regal accommodation surprisingly well.


The Viceroy in Playa Del Carmen is one of the most glorious resorts I’ve had the pleasure to stay in and I would absolutely recommend the establishment to anyone wanting a luxurious stay whilst travelling Mexico. We were welcomed and cleansed (I know a little different) and shown to our room, a room I was sharing with my amazing friend Anna. A partnership that proved to become a lasting bond between two friends (how funny how a trip brings people closer together).

The beauty of Viceroy (but a downfall for a foodie like me) was the fact it was all inclusive, yep you heard me, ALL INCLUSIVE. That means, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and booze – all the alcohol you can imagine. So after checking out the resort and dining on our first divine dinner it was pina coladas all round. The Viceroy was the kind of place that was calming and relaxing and even when you were lounging by the pool, pool boys like the adorable Pepe would wait on you hand and foot. Whether it was a fresh coconut from a palm tree or burritos by the beach, this was my idea of heaven.

photo 3

During the evenings at the Viceroy, we would usually begin with a delightful dinner in one of the two options – the formal dining restaurant or casual feast by the beach and if we were game we’d head into town for dancing and drinks. One night there was even a wet t-shirt comp, I didn’t enter but a member of our group did and she caused quite the stir! Town during the day was also charming with market stalls, beach bars and activities and cafes lining a strip known as Fifth Avenue where all the action in town seems to occur.

Yes, The Viceroy had a five star spa, beach bungalows, day beds, 24/7 service, luxury villas but it was the food that stood out (and we all know how much I love food). It was simply divine with a wide range of authentic Mexican dishes and international cuisine. It was fresh, delicious and what I enjoyed most and expected from Mexico, spicy! Seriously, habanero sauce is simply scrumptious and Mexicans know how to do it right. Let my #foodporm images speak for themselves.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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photo 8

Stay tuned for Mexico Part 2 where I take you to Tulum – voted one of the most beautiful beachside towns in the world and somewhere I’m grateful to have had the pleasure of visiting. Until next post… adiós!

Lotsa love, LM X x

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