LM chats with Elle Halliwell

Working in The Daily Telegraph newsroom, I mix with loads of different personalities everyday and one of my faves is Fashion Journo and Style Superstar (yes they deserve capitals cause she’s amazing), Miss Elle Halliwell.

From co-hosting her own radio show with SydCon’s Jonathan Moran (JMo), to appearing on Weekend Today every Sunday and hob nobbing from front row fashion shows all over the world (I think she’s in NYC at the moment), I’m surprised she found the time to sit down with me and chat all things food and fashion in Sydney. But she did and here it is. Enjoy, LM x x

Q: What place (city) has the best style in the world?
A: That’s so subjective! It would be rude not to say Sydney 😉
Q: Your top 5 must-have wardrobe items?
A: Classic white shirt, black loafers, black pants, sunglasses, practical shoulder bag.
Q: Favourite era in fashion?
A: It’s yet to come.
Q: Your style icons?
A: My mum and sisters.
Q: Trend you love coming into summer?
A: Easy summer dresses.
Q: What inspired you to become a fashion journalist?
A: It combined two of my favourite things; writing and apparel.
Q: Favourite designer?
A: Phoebe Philo.
Q: Favourite high-street brand?
A: Uniqlo and Zara.
Q: How would you describe your own personal style?
A: Easy, practical, neutral.
Q: Favourite place to shop in Sydney?
A: The Intersection, Paddington.
Q: Best brunch spot in Sydney?
A: Bills, Bondi.
Q: Best place for cocktails with the girls?
A: Watson’s Bay Hotel.
Q: Best date night venue?
Pendolino, The Strand.
Q: Funniest celebrity you’ve ever interviewed?
A: Amy Schumer.
Q: Who on the SydCon team would you shag, marry or kill?
A: LOL. I’d marry all of them, shag JMo (he keeps trying 🙂 ), and kill whoever keeps stealing my scissors!! I have my suspicions.

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