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I’m often preaching words of wisdom about my own personal beauty regime and the various products I use to ensure a heavenly glow; however, for the purposes of this post, I’ve turned to the experts from Luminiere. Luminiere delivers results using the latest technologies and advances to promote healthier, younger-looking skin and appearances. With three locations including Double Bay, Randwick and my very own hometown, Noosa, these lovely ladies are the skin specialists you’ve been searching for.


My skin specialist, Sarah

I recently experienced a treatment at their Double Bay clinic where the gorgeous Sarah gave me a thorough consultation to understand my individual skin needs and challenges (a scary thought I know). This was followed by a deep clean and an exfoliation with the blueberry smoothie enzyme peel and a hydrating infusion of high potency B vitamin and a final skin analysis. Now this is where I have to admit, the word ‘peel’ had me concerned. We all remember that episode of SATC where Samantha has a chemical peel? Let me assure you, it was nothing of the sort in this case, although I did feel as though I had a new layer of skin, as to touch it felt soft and luxurious. After my peel Sarah insisted I slather myself with sunscreen before heading out, looking super fresh, to enjoy a sunny Saturday!

So, would I recommend these treatments? Absolutely, I think it’s so important to know what we put on our skin and how to keep it looking fresh. Enough from me, let Sarah, my amazing skin consultant spill some skin secrets.

store06What is your most popular treatment at the clinic?
It is hard to say because each client’s needs are different; every skin is treated differently, although you do see trends. Our clients often complain of irregular colour and pigmentation as well as skin that has lost its “glow” with both conditions being easily attributed to living in a big city and spending too much time (either now or when they were younger) in the great outdoors without adequate protection. So exfoliation treatments and corrective skin peels for pigmentation have a huge following.

store04Who is the typical Luminiere woman?
The typical Luminiere woman is someone who sees investing in her skin is just as (if not more) important as investing in the latest handbag or style of clothing. She is not 25 and she is not 65 she is both and every age in-between. Good skin never goes out of fashion.

Why is it important to take great care of your skin?
After just 25 years our skin functions begin to slow. With age our skin loses elastin and collagen, the integral building blocks for firm skin. This, coupled with the ever present sun damage, hormonal disturbances, pollution, stress, (the list goes on…) our skin faces immense challenges to keep working and remain healthy and youthful. By incorporating active skin care and treatments, we can correct, prevent and maintain our skin at its best. It’s just like a muscle, you simply cannot eat healthy once a week and visit the gym occasionally and expect to feel fit and fabulous, and well it’s the same with our skin. Great skin is often the first thing people will notice about you.

store02What’s a product or tip people should adopt and use every day?
USE A SERUM! Simply put they have a higher concentration of the active ingredients that come in all skin care (good skin care) and because of their texture they are more easily absorbed into your skin. Finally slip, slop slap, sunscreen is key!

Luminiere is a franchise and are expecting to expand further this year and always looking for potential franchisees.

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