Love and inspiration

The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative; a sudden brilliant or timely idea; a great interest and pleasure in something or a strong feeling of affection.What am I describing? Inspiration and love, two of the most important factors that as humans, keep our blood pumping and our emotions burning.

As you’re all aware (my fabulous avid readers you), I recently launched Q&A’s with creative peeps I love and who I find inspirational. The thought dawned on me that I may know what I find inspirational and the things I love but it’s about time I put pen to paper (or fingers to Macbook) and shared these with you. Think of this as a Q&A with myself (in acrostic poem format).

My Annabelle

My Annabelle

A is for Annabelle, my niece and the most delightful, vibrant and exuberant little creature I know. I was the very first person to hold her when she was born and it created a bond between us that will never be broken.

B is for blog, my blog, my creative outlet that has brought a new found joy to my every day existence.

Cis for Christian

C is for Christian

C is for Christian – my best friend and partner in crime on this journey called ‘life’

D is for David Bowie – yes there is a god!

E is for Emily, sister extraordinaire.

F is for friends, family, fashion and food – they go hand in hand and without them my existence in this world would be dark and dismal.



G is for Greece – more specifically the Greek Islands, where I spent an entire European summer with my girlfriends drinking, dancing and bronzing!

H is for Harry, my handsome, crazy and wild nephew.

I is for ice-cream, my all-time favourite food.

J is for Japan – I’ve never been but it’s on my bucket list. Would love to see their street style as I hear it’s insane.

K is for kissing, I am an extremely affectionate person and so therefore my family and my love are never short of kisses when I am around.

L is for Lachlan, first born nephew and son of my beautiful brother, Matthew, and he’s full of beans.

You have to adore those chubby cheeks, I do!

You have to adore those chubby cheeks, I do!

M is for Matilda, the latest edition to my family who is oh so chubby and oh so divine!

N is for Noosa, my hometown, one of the most picturesque places on earth and a place I am happy to call my home away from home.

O is for olives, I must have been European in a former life because I could eat these little suckers by the bucket load.

P is for my parents – there is no one in the world quite like them and they are all mine!

Q is for Quesadilla – Mexican food is so so good #nuffsaid

R is for Reiley, my youngest nephew who is never far behind his older brother and cousins, constantly trying to keep up, while still maintaining his cute as a button status.

Love my sunnies

Love my sunnies

S is for sunglasses and street style – snaps from the street are what feed my fascination with fashion and I’m sure you’re all aware how much I love a pair of killer shades

T is for travel, I travel for new experiences, to eat different cuisines, to meet new people and immerse myself in another culture.

U is for unique, for if we weren’t unique, the world would be run like robots and that’s not fun for anyone.

V is for Vivid Sydney, an amazing light and arts show in Sydney that brings the city alive.

W is for weddings, I love them, particularly the reception, with old school music and flowing champagne. In fact, I’m off to a wedding in Adelaide this weekend, which is where the inspiration came for my most recent photo shoot to the right of your screen. While most fashion lovers are all about the colour black, I’m all about everything but, especially at a wedding.

Mellow yellow

Mellow yellow

X is Xssat, fabulous photographer and street style blogger.

Y is for yellow, the colour of the sun and evoking the feeling of warmth

Z is for Zimmermann – beautiful Australian designer

So, feel like you know things I love and find inspiring? Would love to hear what makes your list… X x

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    Love this post:
    A you’re adorable
    B you’re so beautiful
    C you’re a cutiful of charms!!!!!

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