Lucky you

To cleanse or not to cleanse, that is the question?

They all do it, Miranda Kerr, Nicole Ritchie even my gal pal, RHW! What am I talking about? The juice cleanse… In fact a specific cleanse called Lucky You – an Australian based, cold pressed juice & cleanse company.

As you are all aware, I’m heading off to Mexico in just under a month and I’ve been searching for ways to get bikini-body ready. While I’m still not there, I thought a cleanse could do me no harm. A cleanse is not just for weight loss but for overall wellbeing and to clear out your internal system.  The main benefits of undertaking a juice cleanse are it rests your stomach, rests and repairs the gut, rests the liver, reduces your appetite, ease’s decision making when it comes to meals, eliminates harmful foods, improves energy levels, rehydrates the blood, heals cells, floods the body with super nutrients and in some cases aids weight loss. These were some benefits I needed in my life!

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I opted for a 3 day juice cleanse – let’s face it, I have a blog where I write about food, so clearly I would find it hard to go without my beloved guilty pleasures. Which I did! The juices arrived mid-week and you receive 6 juices for each day so 18 juices in total. The idea is to have a juice every 2-3 hours. You also have to drink plenty of water while on the cleanse and you are able to incorporate aloe vera into your diet, which is supplied with the juices. The green juices in the morning were surprisingly delicious; I was amazed I liked them as much as I did as I’ve never been much of a green juice gal in the past. I also thoroughly enjoyed lunchtime’s Spicy Lemonade, however this proved most difficult to chew. The key to the cleanse btw is chewing, something I found hard to do as it felt foreign to me. The afternoon juices were pleasant with accents of beetroot and orange, however I wasn’t as much of a fan of the dinner juice, the addition of coriander was hard to take but it was all worth it when number 6 came around. Cashew nut mylk was delightfully creamy and felt like my own hipster desert in a jar.


You’re probably thinking how did I feel afterwards and the answer is, I felt pretty damn good and surprisingly I didn’t wake up the next morning and run for the fridge to gorge myself. The con or should I say what I found to be the biggest hurdle was the fact I actually discovered the juice cleanse was harder to do at work, simply because I was surrounded by colleagues who were heating up soups and curries at lunch time with wafts of amazingness hitting my noise. At home in the eventing it was a different story. I didn’t think about food, I just sipped/chewed on my juice and was content.  The best part upon commencement of my cleanse, was feeling light, well rested and in fact having increased energy and clearer skin. Reaping the rewards, I say! I would certainly do this again, perhaps even pushing myself to seven days next time to discover further benefits of the cleanse sensation.

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I also think a big part of feeling bikini body ready for Mexico is building up my confidence again in swimwear that makes me feel comfortable. I’m reasonably content with how I look, however as women we’re super critical of ourselves, me in particular become more so after the hibernation of winter where I’ve been snuggling up on the couch with a glass of red wine and copious amount of pasta. I chose to do a shoot in one of my favourite bikinis from Kini Swimwear when I ventured up to my hometown Noosa a few weeks ago to show off this gorgeous print (best part is, you design the bikini yourself) and to feel comfortable being so exposed on a beach again after winter. My good friend, Tracey took the pictures and its always great with Trace as she has a way of making me feel at ease and comfortable in situations that I would normally run away from. And I’m really pleased with the results, I’m happy and that’s the key to enjoying life. But seriously, how cute is the bikini (definitely packing this one for Mexcio).

What I hope people take away from this post is that different things work for different people. My body has changed in the last 2 years and now at the age of 28, I find it much more difficult to eat what I want and not suffer some sort of consequence, whether it’s feeling sluggish, lethargic or irritable. For me cleanses such as this make me feel good on the inside which ultimately radiates on the outside. I’ll never been a skinny minnie but I can be the best version of myself possible by loving myself and treating my body with respect because we’re only given one life and one bod with which to experience it in and I plan to stick around for a while and enjoy it…. Have a wonderful weekend lovelies! X x

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