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Welcome to Livvy May’s first two-part series, yep that’s confusing I know but there’s so much to share on the magnificent place I’ve chosen to write about today so hence, it was a must. _MG_3007

Whether considered healthy or unhealthy, rivalry is apparent in our everyday lives, and it can rear its ugly head if one is jealous of another’s success, over tearing each other up on the sporting field or in this case where you choose to reside. When it comes to where I live or where I’m from I’ve had competitiveness thrust upon me over the years and felt an urge to defend both my background and my present. Why am I discussing such rivalry you ask, because let me take you back, way back… I was born in Adelaide, moved to Noosa in Queensland when I was 10, Brisbane when I was 17 and Sydney at the ripe old age of 26. That’s a lot of places! During all that constant moving I chose to explore and reside in Melbourne for approximately six months and while I absolutely love the city, my inner freezing cold child who grew up and acclimatised to sunny Queensland did not, hence the six month stint! So, again why am I waffling on? Because I recently flew down to Melbourne to visit friends, drink too much wine after completing feb fast and stuff my face with delectable delights, all in the name of research and today I’m dishing the dirt on possibly my second favourite city in Australia – or third (it’s too hard to choose)!

Anyway, I heart Melbourne, I really do! I’ve essentially become a Sydney girl and wouldn’t have it any other way but Melbs really is one incredible city. It has an unreal sense of culture, it’s apparent in the food and wine, the fashion and the people you see walking the streets on a daily basis. You can seriously get lost in its lane ways and stumble across the most amazing places you may never have known existed. Unlike Sydney, which I must admit is sometimes all about ‘show’ (being seen lining up at the next best hot spot), Melbourne has an, ‘I don’t care attitude’, an eerie underground feel about it that makes it mysterious, yet eclectic and bursting with vibrancy.


Tuscany Gray (aka tuscnoir) doing her thing

A couple of my super close friends have chosen to live in Melbourne, which is perfect for me and I was lucky enough for them to show me some of the highlights of this amazing city. My first night in Melbourne was spent being wined and dined by one of my besties, Melbourne resident and in fact my photographer for this weekend getaway, Miss Tuscany Gray (remember that name cause this girl is talented). We began at Madame Brussels , a super chic bar situated in the heart of the city where the waiters/servers wear tennis shorts and the cocktails are mouth-wateringly delectable! After a gossip session, a perve and one too many cocktails it was most definitely dinner time and I was told I had to try, ‘this corn’. I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking what I thought, “hmm, OK corn, what’s so good about corn?” well, there are no words to describe this corn (actually known as elotes callejeros). Seriously, it’s perfection but better and you can’t beat perfection so, I’ve actually just made no sense but you get my point! Right? Try the corn! Mamasita’s is the name and the rest of the food is just as good, as we ordered a smorgasbord of quesadillas, guacamole, beans, tortillas and much more. I even ended the meal with corn ice-cream, simply because I couldn’t get enough… yep, you guessed it, corn!

_MG_3058-EditNow, I think it’s vital we discuss the outfit that coincides with this weeks post… It’s not often you’ll see me in black but in order to blend in with the Melbournian elite, black was the only choice. Sleek hair and simple accessories finished off my look as I stepped out in style to shimmy the night away. I love this black dress from Mossman Clothing, it’s my new fave LBD! The back and neckline is what really transcends it from just another black dress to something simply striking.  Paired with my trademark sunglasses (as daylight savings was still in full swing) a bright lip and killer shoes, like these booties from Zu, my look for the night was complete.

The following day, we spent exploring the South Melbourne Markets, an incredible place filled with food, entertainment, clothing, fresh flowers, essentially everything you could want and more. We stocked up on cheese, deli meats, olives, fresh fruit and baguettes for a Saturday night spread, with wine. The markets can be appreciated through the amazing pictures captured by Tuscany, as it truly is one of the best places I explored in Melbourne…

















Melbourne, as I’ve said I adore your graffiti splashed lane ways, exceptional eateries and rooftop bars, your love of style and fabulous fashions but most of all I love the fact it takes me only two hours on a plane from Sydney to feel like I’m in a completely different world from the one I live in! Big thanks again to my babe, Tuscany for incredible imagery. Stay tuned for next weeks installment where I will delve into the delicious delights you can find in Melbourne. Lotsa love, Livvy May X x


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    Liv, these are my favourite pics to date! You look fit! And the pics really capture your personality! Love them!

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      Livvy May

      Oh thank you lovely, my photographer did an amazing job! X x

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    Can I come, too?

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