Miss Streetstyle in Missguided

So you may notice something new and no it’s not just this outfit taking me out of my comfort zone, Livvy May has a new website and it’s bigger and better than ever and I can’t wait to share more with all of you!

Blogging since 2013...

This month marks Livvy May’s 1st birthday and I’m so blessed to be able to write and produce content people enjoy on a daily/weekly basis. Some of you may not realise, I’m a qualified journalist who had big dreams of working in the lifestyle print sector since my first ‘real’ job post uni at Style Magazines in Brisbane. I always knew the industry was competitive but after moving to Sydney and witnessing colleagues, friends and university alumni lose their jobs in print media, I knew I had to find another way to feed my passions. That’s when Livvy May was born, it’s similar to all the material I used to write before but now I actually get to use my own voice across each post and for someone who loves a good gas bag, I’ve found my calling in life. Best part is people are actually listening who aren’t just my mother (although thanks for the constant support mum)!

Get ready for more editorial

So what’s new… Well along with food and fashion, there will also be a moving focus towards more editorial on beauty, health, fitness, Q&A’s with creative personalities and travel. I’m always open to suggestions from you on what you’d love to see more of, looks you love, trends etc. Anything is possible when you have a dream and a kick ass new website to go with it!

Location, location, location

To coincide with the blog’s first birthday and the relaunch of the new site I knew I needed an outfit and a location that was bold and bright so I scouted the perfect place to partner with this pretty/grunge look from Missguided. Missguided is a fresh, young and vibrant online retailer who offers an enormous selection of fresh off the run-way looks that are added to their site daily. In my opinion, the best thing about Missguided is the price. The clothes are good quality and incredibly affordable with this entire outfit costing just over $200 (that’s everything!).

Adopting different looks to shake things up!

It’s amazing how your style evolves as you grow. I would have never considered purchasing an outfit like this as I feel it doesn’t suit the 27 years that I actually am but fashion is about taking risks and trying new things and that’s what Missguided allowed me to do and I loved adopting the pretty/grunge look for a day. What I also love about this outfit is I now have the ability to mix and match all these wonderful pieces to create various looks that will carry me into the spring season and beyond.

Would love to hear what you think of this look and what styles or trends you’d like to see on the new site as we head into the final half of 2014! Big thanks for all the support in this first wonderful year X x

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