New year, new me

New Years Resolutions, I’ve made a few of them but for some reason 2015 feels different and I’m still trying to figure out why. 

Ok, so we are already well into 2015 but I decided to reserve the revelation of my new year’s resolutions on hold to see if I’m truly committed to seeing them through. We’re 21 days in and so far so good.

Firstly, I believe I always make the decision to eat better, drink less and be in the best possible shape I can be. Exercise has never been an issue for me so the first day my bootcamp group went back for the year I was jumping for joy. However, one can always improve so this year I’m committed to participating in more activities which are good for the mind, body and soul. This includes partnering my bootcamp sessions with regular yoga and meditation sessions (I mean look what it’s done for Kate Hudson).


I’m also going to participate in more fun runs so I’m not only bonding with friends but building up my long distance running to hopefully replicate my championship cross country days at school. I find running has the ability to make my worries disappear. It’s something about the cool air on my face and the breeze floating past it’s as though all my troubles are being swept away.


Secondly, this is the year I want to work on my finances, I know something else everyone always resides to do but I am determined. I finally feel settled in Sydney, my career is going from strength to strength (hence the lack of blogging lately) and I’m ready to take the next step toward one day (this year) buying a property. I also think it’s important to have my own goals as well as joint goals I share with my partner. It’s no longer me who makes all the decisions, I’m part of a team and sometimes learning to compromise can be hard but it’s essential in any relationship.


I also wish to filter my friends, I know this may sound extreme but I’ve reached a point where I lead such a busy life and try to be a million things to a million people. Therefore, I’m only going to set aside time for those who do the same for me. Friendship is a two way street and you can only be there so much that sometimes when you find the feeling is not mutual you wonder why you bothered in the first place. Combined with this is travel and cutting back on some of the solo travelling I do to incorporate more travelling with my boo. We are both from Queensland and therefore have our own families to see whenever we feel the urge to go home, so separate trips have been our usual forte but this year I have big plans for us to hit o/s and experience a little Asian or even South American culture!


Finally, the biggest goal I have and it’s the one people make the most is to love myself more. I fell into a bit of a lump toward the end of last year. I wasn’t feeling myself and the combination of age and not being able to control the way I looked on the outside affected my on the inside. I couldn’t run as fast, I couldn’t eat whatever I wanted and I was always tired. I decided it was time to do something about it so I decided to quit sugar. Well for 8 weeks anyway on the I Quit Sugar program. I’m only in week 3 but I’m already feeling lighter and more energetic. Although the headaches experienced in week one and two were horrendous. The meal plans so far have been great, the grocery shop expensive and the cooking time consuming but I’m determined to reach the end. Although I don’t ever want to give up sugar completely (I’m missing fruit like mad) I’m hoping it will curb my appetite for my vices including chocolate, lollies and ice cream and assist me with making better choices for a healthier, wealthier and wiser 2015 filled with love and joy.


This shoot was aimed to bring out the inner me, someone who has a vivaciousness for life and laughter and gaining confidence with how I look as I grow closer to 30. Gone are the years of eating whatever I want and remaining the same size. However, hello to the years where I can still rock a sexy black bikini (like this gorgeous set from Liberty Lee) and embrace my age, my body and the jovial spirit I always knew was there.

What’s your new years resolutions? Lotsa love, Livvy May x x
















Bikini (exact match): Liberty Lee – Top and bottoms

Shirt (exact match): Liberty Lee

Hat (similar here): Sportsgirl

Sunglasses (similar here): Quay Sunglasses

Photography: Tracey Johnson

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