Our Epic USA Adventure Part 3

Party in the city where the heat is on. All night, on the beach till the break of dawn. Welcome to Miami.

Miami is exactly what you see on the movies and TV – a city filled with insanely sexy women, an array of Spanish and cuban influence with beaches and bikinis. It’s hot, blue and incredibly spaced out so important to know which areas are the ones to stay and those to avoid.

We decided to head to Miami as part of our epic USA adventure because we wanted to incorporate a cruise into the trip and Miami is the main port for many major cruise lines including Royal Caribbean. I’d been wanting to go on a cruise for a while and I don’t think you could ask for a better location than the Bahamas. It wasn’t full of older folks, I didn’t get seasick, I was in no way bored when we were out to sea and I didn’t have to wear a fancy gown to every meal. What it was full of was amazing food, fantastic shopping, epic activities and world class facilities.


Only question is, when I arrived on the ship was how I was going to fit it all in to 3 days (including a day trip to Pearl Island)? With great difficulty! The ship exuded action and relaxation all at the same time. The options for activity or pleasure were endless and I could have spent more time on the ship in order to fit everything in (particularly the food). Alas, we only had three days, so this is how we spent them out at sea.

Day One: Board the vessel and settle in. Part of this process is meeting your Stateroom Attendant – the man who will deliver your every need and make you cute animals out of towels to surprise you when you return to your room after dinner. Speaking of dinner, on the first night, we opted for a truly unique dining experience, called the Chef’s Table. If you enjoy gourmet fare paired with the finest of wines, then dining at Chef’s Table is an absolute must. Located in an intimate, exclusive enclave within Chops Grille, this private epicurean experience for up to 16 people treats you to a five-course, upgraded steakhouse menu and wine tasting. A sommelier pairs every course with wine chosen to enhance your enjoyment of the dish. We dined with interesting people and ate far too much we had to go dancing all night long in the club and the Latin room just to work it all off!


Day Two: On the second day we went into CocoCay, a place I’ve never been and one littered with tranquil waters and sun-filled day beds. The day trips will vary depending on where you board. Back on the ship, we dressed to the nines and ventured to one of the many other eateries, Chops Grille – an authentic steak house where the meat was the star. Royal Caribbean’s popular signature steakhouse, featuring grade-A premium cuts of steak cooked to your specifications — plus fresh seafood, hearty side dishes and signature desserts in an upmarket, contemporary setting.

Day Three: Two words, Pearl Island. We experienced a day trip to one of the most beautiful islands ever with the clearest of clear turquoise water. We snorkeled, swam and sunbathed and it was pure heaven. The perfect way to cap off our final day in the Bahamas.




Final night was spent at the Bar (of course) where my favourite piano man was belting out the tunes and I sat with my red wine in one hand and request sheet in the other and let the hours pass by. This was by far the highlight of my cruise experience.

After bidding adieu to my Stateroom attendant and of course the piano man it was bon voyage ship and arriving safely back on shore. I was genuinely surprised at what an incredible time I had on board Enchantment of the Seas. Most important thing to remember is it’s not just the amazing destinations in the Bahamas where you can go snorkelling and sunbathing but the ship itself. Enchantment of the Seas boasts bungee trampolines to spring you sky high, an adults-only Solarium area with a private pool and an interactive Splash Deck. The food, the entertainment and even the rooms themselves are all unique experiences and if you’ve never been on a cruise before it’s truly something different.


Back in Miami with only two days left I hit up a gorgeous friend of mine who’d been living there for the last three years and she introduced us to a super cool area known as Wynwood. We treated ourselves to a couple of beverages at Wood Tavern which was an outdoor bar filled with food vans and artistic vibes.

Followed by dinner at KYU – a modern Asian-style eatery offering grilled meats & sashimi, plus cocktails. This was insanely good food and it was really nice to get out of the tourist traps along South Beach in Miami and experience something a little more local and authentic.


I must admit, Miami has a cool vibe but our next stop was NYC where I felt I would fit in a little better and not be so self conscious as I wasn’t a size six, hot latino woman with an impeccable rig and skin like caramel. Bring on the NYC variety 😉

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