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Recently I posed the question on Facebook, ‘what should I sample this weekend?’ because many of the places where I choose to wine and dine are suggested to me by friends and none more so then my fabulous friend, the lovely Lady Marv. So when she suggested we try her local, Jackie’s Cafe I knew it had to be a winner.

Since moving to Sydney, I’d heard a buzz surrounding Jackie’s Cafe. It’s where fashion bloggers take regular snaps, celebs frequent when strolling Oxford Street and where hungry hipsters go to shoot the breeze whilst devouring their eggs beno after a big night out. Basically it’s a pretty hot joint and to top it off, the food’s rather scrumptious too.

photo 3So I went with my fellow foodie, Lady Marv on a simply stunning Sunday in Sydney (we’ve been having quite a few of those lately) and we did our usual order a bit of everything cause we want everything on the menu. Considering I may have been a little dusty from the previous night (all in the name of research) it was carb overload sharing a serving of pumpkin ravioli, prawns in a white wine sauce served with angel hair pasta and the most beautiful baguette I ever wrapped my mouth around. Deliciously divine – the company wasn’t bad either. Speaking of which, considering you always hear from me why don’t we see what she says… Lady Marv that is.


Lady Marv

Lady Marv: Working in Paddington, Jackie’s is often a place you’ll find me (I’m the girl in the corner ‘gramming my dill scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and a side of avocado! #foodlove).

Being a frequent visitor, there’s clearly a reason, or several that I keep going back. Ticking all my foodie boxes, including, décor, menu, service and vibe – Jackie treats every customer as though they’ve been friends for years. Stop by for an afternoon latte and watch her work the room, she’s seriously fabulous. As is the view directly into their neighbours, Scanlan & Theodore.

Livvy May: And it’s back to me then and I’ll simply end with a farewell to my fabulous foodie fashionistas with a get yo’self  and a group of girlfriends to Jackies for a real Sydney cafe affair. It’s one not to be missed X x

Food Service Atmosphere
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