Summer Essentials + a giveaway

It’s that time of year where I deliver the annual Livvy May Summer Essentials Guide and what a fitting week as we saw the first day of summer arrive here in Australia  and I welcomed it with sun-loving and open arms. 

I love summer and I especially love summer in Sydney, when the beaches are packed, and everyone amps up their fitness routines and Sunday ciders at The Bucket List are the perfect way to finish the weekend and prepare for the week ahead. I also love going makeup free and baking by the beach but in order to protect myself among the harsh UV rays and not to mention surviving the party season.

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To begin with skin is so important and protecting your skin is key in order to prevent sun damage, aid against skin cancer and ensure you age in the best possible way, which is something I’ve had to consider more and more and I grow closer to 30 and my body and face begins to change. Dermologica has an amazing range of products with varying ingredients to suit sensitive skin, oily skin, ageing skin etc and all come with a certain percentage of SPF and some with a matte finish which is perfect for me. It’s oil-free, breakout fighting sunscreen that absorbs oil for a matte-free finish.  It’s brilliant for me as surprisingly enough at 28 years of age I still suffer from the odd pimple or two at least every month so the only oil I like on my face is Rosehip or Macadamia oil. While I prefer an oil free face, moisture is something that is also a huge necessity in summer, especially if you’re prone to a little baking by the beach like me. Kosmea’s everyday face moisturiser is what I’m currently using at the moment and it slides on smoothly, not thick and clunky allowing my makeup to be easily absorbed over the top. To assist in keeping my makeup fresh or if I need a refreshing spritz when down the beach, the Rose Mist is amazing and also makes the perfect travel partner to keep your skin moist and invigorated.

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The second crucial product to see you through summer is a good tan and i’ve recently come across a new brand that promises a Brazilian glow, ahh Gisele Bundchen, yes please! MineTan’s 1 hour tans are designed for the picture perfect finish, the party, the beach holiday and my favourite the way a tan can make me feel slimmer, more toned and gives me a healthy glow. I wake up on Friday morning (Thursday night’s my tan night) and I say to my boyfriend, nothing feels as good as a tan does!

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I’m such an advocate of the fake tan as it’s healthier than being out in the sun every day, however, in order to ensure it stays around for a few days before I return to Miss pasty then body moisturiser is key and I adore the range from Burt’s Bees which is perfect on tanned skin. Rich with milk and honey, it’s radiant and creamy and keeps my skin, smooth, soft and supple. I also love the subtle makeup range from Burt’s Bees with it’s pale pink hues in lip balm and lip gloss, a perfect shade for summer when you’re sans foundation and wanting a little colour to make you feel as though you could step outside the house and you wouldn’t mind who saw you….

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Another important element of one’s body that is ze summer hair. Agree ladies? It can turn dry and brittle in over the course of the season and with all the swimming in chlorine maintaining the colour particularly when your hair is dyed is critical. I’ve recently started using Bed Head by TIGI and not because the blue bottle matches my interior (household) colour scheme but because I’ve found it ideal for my balayage hair (yes, the outfit pics were taken pre-hair change) and it smells amazing. I also believe it’s good to change up your hair products once in a while to ensure your hair doesn’t become used to one particular brand and therefore can easily absorb all shampoos and conditioners.

photo 11In order to celebrate the annual Livvy May sumer guide, I’ve teamed up with one of my favourite skincare brands, Kosmea to reward one lucky reader with the entire range of Kosmea products. That’s over $450 worth of some of the most amazing products I’ve used on my skin (trust me). To enter simply head over to my instagram @livvy_may  and follow the prompts:

Win the full range of Kosmea products by posting your best summer insta moments, tag #Kosmealove @livvymay and make sure you are following @kosmeaaustralia for your chance to win!

Seriously, it’s that simple and in case you don’t know what $450 worth of #kosmealove looks like, let me tease you…

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Good luck lovelies and enjoy the summer season. Lotsa love, LM x x

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