The year that was!

The end of 2013 is just around the corner and although it’s flown by it’s been a year of up and downs, exciting adventures, new challenges and the birth of Livvy May.

Great joys- being an aunty and blogging

Great joys- being an aunty and blogging

Well OK, I was born 27 years ago but my blog was only created this year after a great need for this ex lifestyle journalist to have a creative outlet of her own. There are certain facets of life I find fulfilling – the usual or otherwise known as obligatory; work, food, sleep and on the other spectrum, the soul feeding; time with family and friends, shopping, cooking, being an aunty and now, Livvy May. The latter has probably become the largest soul feeder of them all as I immerse myself in all things Sydney. My mum was originally from this neck of the woods so I have fond memories from visits that took place in my childhood but now I’ve created my own and can truly call this place home, along with its offering in food, fashion and overall fabulousness!

As I’m sure you’re all aware most bloggers have full time jobs so we can afford the above obligatory needs, however, I’ll be taking a break from mine and heading home to Noosa to be with family over the Christmas break. So this will be my final post for 2013 but not to fret I’ll be back early in the New Year with more fabulous food, fashion and frivolity then you can imagine! Exploring this intrepid city is now what I consider I do best, so stay tuned.

Before I sign off there are a few key people I need to thank because I have some truly wonderful individuals in my life who not only suggest places for me to try but inspire me and believe in me.

My gorgeous girlfriend and stylist extraordinaire, Jamie Yates aka Lady Marv

My gorgeous girlfriend and stylist extraordinaire, Jamie Yates aka Lady Marv

My degustational delight of a girlfriend, Jamie Yates, who is quite often my co-diner, stylist, occasional photographer and all round fabulous friend, deserves my eternal gratefulness. This girl has big things ahead for her and her career. At only 22, she has so much time to reach her full potential and I hope to be round to share it all with her.

Tracey Johnson, you were the first lady to ‘really’ put me in front of your lens and I know we’ll be reunited again for future photo shoots. An amazing effort on capturing me for the first of many Livvy May beauty posts! Lady, you truly encapsulate the beauty in everything you see.

Every fashionista needs a gay bestie and although mine is Brisbane based he has been there on multiple shoots to make me giggle and assist me with styling, posing and all the things he does best – Jason Quinnell you’re a gem!

Mummy dearest – I believe my writing abilities came from you (let’s face it an accountant for a father was probably not the person responsible for my gift with words). Thank you for casting a second pair of eyes over my written work and pulling me up on any and all of mistakes through your proofreading and constructive criticism. You show no bias whatsoever!

That's my boy #CJC Christian Carney

That’s my boy #CJC Christian Carney

Although a writer at heart, I realised quite early on, in order to showcase my two favourite facets of life – food and fashion I would need exceptional visuals. That’s where this man comes into play, Christian Carney. An exceptional up and coming photographer who is currently Brisbane based but relocating to Sydney. I’m lucky enough to not only have him capture my key looks each week in my outfits section but also to call him my phenomenal friend. A gifted photographer shouldn’t just make you look beautiful but feel beautiful too and no one makes me feel more beautiful than he does, so thank you! Expect big things to come from this balla (let’s just hope he still shoots pics for Livvy May when he’s eventually hired by Vogue)!

Now for the 2013 wrap up – I know you’re all dying to know what’s been the highs, the faves, the all-round exceptional eateries and key looks of the season according to Livvy May. Well the beans are officially spilled:

Best brunch spot: At Three Blue Ducks, most fruit and vegetables are grown on site, they are socially conscious, the food is impeccably plated and it won’t break the bank. Plus it’s in Bronte, which is bliss!

Best indulgent lunch spot: Chiswick – The first review to get five out of five on all three categories on Livvy May. Nuff said = #killinit

Best dinner spot: I love it at Jamie’s Italian on Pitt Street in the city as the atmosphere is infectious, bustling and vibrant and the staff are accommodating, well versed on all things food and wine and even on Jamie himself! He really is his own brand and delivers simplicity through excellence.

Smashed Avo at The Grounds of Alexandria

Smashed Avo at The Grounds of Alexandria

Best café: The Grounds of Alexandria is a wondrous place where you feel as though you’ve stepped out of the hustle and bustle of the city and into a scene from a chic countryside town where everyone is joyous due to sunshine, divine food and fresh lemonade! Yep old school lemonade!

Best coffee: Three Rosetta’s – I haven’t informed you guys of this one yet but it’s situated in Drummoyne and expect a post on this baby in 2014. Owners, George and Lina are the best!

Best waterfront spot: This was tricky as Sydney is full of wonderful waterfront hot spots but I opted for Hugo’s at Manly as if you want to get up to a little mischief after your Pimm’s and pizza then you’re in the right spot!

Best cocktail bar: Submerge yourself in a world of whiskey, flappers and dapper gents wearing bow ties at Palmer and Co. Hidden in a small lane way in the city lies Palmer and Co. a boutique bar offering cocktails round the clock and lunch on Thursday and Fridays.


Fave photo shoot of the year!

Favourite outfit/photo shoot over the year: Hands down it was returning to my hometown, wearing one of my favourite outfits and being with two of the main men in my life. Christian Carney, Jason Quinnell, Queensland, Topshop, Zara, Betts Shoes, Colette by Colette Hayman you are the ingredients to a melting pot of fabulous fashion and Livvy May’s favourite shoot of 2013.

Favourite fashion label: I’m an absolute fashion whore (I know this is a somewhat inappropriate word but necessary in this instance) and there are so many labels I love. I based my final shoot of the year around the gorgeous blue jumpsuit (look right) from Sheike. Their clothes are bold, bright, simple and tailored. Effortlessly chic is the most suitable description and if you opt for Sheike, you’ll be sure to stand out in any crowd.

Fave beauty product: I’m sure you’ve already guessed it but in order to stay looking 23 when I look 27 (please tell me I still look 23), I have to be sure I stay out of the sun which means tan in a can. ModelCo, ModelCo, ModelCo – it’s the best! Summer is sorted with a can of this bad boy in your bathroom.


Blissfully happy in my Triangl bikini

Fave purchase: My Triangl swimwear or should I say multiple pairs. They are borderline ‘too cool for school’, with their creative concepts using neoprene and metallic fabrics. This company is blitzing the social media world with one of the coolest Instagram accounts in town. I may not look like the girls they use in their summer campaigns but it’s all about being comfortable in your skin and in a pair of Traingl bikinis I feel just that!

Fave destination: There’s no place like home and home to me is family, friends, fine food, fabulous fashion and wonderful weather and all those things exist in Noosa. Plus I really do think it’s gloriously stunning! I’ll be chilling out here over the Christmas break and I literally can’t wait to jet off so I can begin my next Noosa adventure.

Finally, there’s one very important group of people I need to thank and that’s each and every one of you. Thank you for tuning in every week, sharing your thoughts and comments and supporting the blog. Can’t wait to experience much more with you all in 2014 but until then Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May 2014 bring you all the fabulous food and fashion your heart desires. Love always, Livvy May X x

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