Trekking down the boot

Southern Italy is a couple’s paradise, where honeymooners abound and star-crossed lovers stroll hand in hand.

Exploring the south...

Exploring the south…

Sorrento is a remarkable place with fabulous shopping and easy access to others areas of the south of Italy making it the perfect place to plan trips to Positano, the Isle of Capri, Amalfi and Pompeii. The transportation is simple and accessible from Corso Italia, the main street of Sorrento. Be aware though, the south of Italy is not really an ideal place for backpackers on a budget, as I trawled through plenty of cash while drinking their wine and frolicking their streets. Having said that it was nice to feel a little luxurious amongst all the hostels and pub crawls I’d been experiencing on my travels thus far.

Where to stay in Sorrento: Hotel Florida was clean, inexpensive and a 20 minute walk from the town centre. With sun beds and a restaurant it had everything and more at your fingertips, including good Wi-Fi which is always a bonus for a blogger/social media fanatic!

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My all time fave food, gelato!

Where to eat in Sorrento: There were plenty of fantastic restaurants in Sorrento including S.Antonio on Via s. Maria dells Grazie. I had a fabulous Frutti Di Mare (pasta of the sea) which was fresh and delightful. La Basilica was another pearler and so scrumptious I went there twice. The pasta with prawns and local cherry tomatoes is a must. For late night pizza eats try Pizzeria de Franco which is open till 4am and is some of the best pizza to ever touch my lips. Seriously! Oh wait don’t forget gelato reigns supreme in Sorrento so indulge, indulge, indulge!

The ruins of Pompei

The ruins of Pompeii

One place I was determined to visit was Pompeii, with its rich history and ancient ruins it was certainly a must-see ruin on my bucket list. Only costing 3 euro by train to get there from Sorrento on a day trip, the town is very small and easy to navigate. It costs 11 euros to enter and be sure to ask for a map and information guide as I did not receive one and got lost in the giant maze of ruins that stood before me. It’s an incredible testament to Italian history and very well maintained making it a tourist’s dream.

The Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto

Another stop on my list was the Isle of Capri which was glamorous and gorgeous all rolled into one. I spent the day decked out in true Italian style (for me this includes a splash of red lip or nail to make any outfit pop) and hit the streets for ‘window’ shopping and beach bathing. Notice how I specified ‘window’ shopping, the Isle of Capri is certainly not for travellers on a budget! I also experienced the Blue Grotto which costs 25 euro to visit by boat for two people including a tip for your rower, which I was more than happy to give considering he sang operatic tunes to me while inside the luminous blue cave. If you get a rower named Giovanni consider yourself lucky, he’s a legend!

The view form Bruno's in Positano

The view from Bruno’s in Positano

My next stop was Positano which was less extravagant in relation to the Isle of Capri and it boasted one of the best nightclubs in the south of Italy. Music on the Rocks is world renowned and full of tourists and ex pats soaking up the best the south has to offer. In my opinion, Positano certainly hasn’t got the best beach but I believe it’s because many of the beaches in Europe are covered in pebbles making them a lot cleaner but not nearly as comfortable as sand to lie on. But when the tan is calling as one of my Euro BFF’s would say, “just go with it.”

Where to stay in Positano: Hostel Brikette is an affordable hostel just outside the central area but very close to bus stops as Positano is full of steps. So if you’re not a fan of the climb this is not the place for you.

Where to eat in Positano: Go to Bruno’s, great food and the best view in Positano.

So, I’ve given you some hints and tips on how to spend your time in the South, however what about the most important factor, what to wear… Keep it simple and bright, these are seaside towns where colour and simplicity with a touch of chic shines. This co-ord set from Mink Pink was perfect for bikini clad beach days or for hitting the pub scene at night. Cool, colourful and comfortable!

Where are some of your favourite places to travel? X x

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