Welcome to the dark side

J-Law rocked it at the Golden Globes, Margot Robbie followed suit at the Oscars… What am I referring to? The Bordeaux lip of course! Read on for the must-try beauty trends you need to adopt this season.

Margot Robbie - Image courtesy Getty /Jeff Kravitz

Margot Robbie – Image courtesy Getty /Jeff Kravitz

Autumn is proving to be all about freshness, matte textures and warm colours that still create pop (if pop is your desired look). It’s clearly mine as the lip colour in this week’s photo shoot is a homage to grunge-inspired style and mid-’90s beauty looks. In fact when conducting research on autumn beauty trends, many of the images took me back to my childhood, when I would sit on the bathroom sink and watch my mother apply her face for the day or night. Shades of burgundy plums, chocolates and rich tones made me wish for the day I could to, play with makeup and look as beautiful as she. Well, now I get to play every day!

Being quite the ‘girlie’ girl has made me acquire certain rules I myself choose to abide by… You’ve heard my fashion mantra, “if the legs are on display, put the girls away,” and the same should apply when it comes to beauty. Although in this case, it’s a matter of eyes versus lips. If opting for a bold lip, keep the eyes defined yet simple. A smoky eye should only be used with a light lip to keep the focus on one flattering facial feature. This lip from ModelCo is very adventurous for me as I usually prefer to don a bright lip and tend to avoid dark colours such as this shade ‘Little Devil’ due to my fair skin and dark hair but not anymore. I love it! It’s taken me out of my comfort zone and given my entire look an edginess I would never normally adopt. Gone is sweet little Livvy May and hello to Miss Minx with a devilish charm. I could get used to this!

Jennifer Lawrence - Image courtesy of Getty Images/Jason Merritt

Jennifer Lawrence – Image courtesy of Getty Images/Jason Merritt

To coincide with my transformation over to the dark side, I also opted to rock a darker nail shade and this burgundy hue, appropriately titled ‘Wine and Dine‘ is from ModelCo and is simply divine. It’s so going to be my go-to nail colour for the autumn season. This means I may have to rethink my new found love for the winter glove, just so these bad boys can be on display 24/7!

photo 3Now for the eyes and as previously stated, when rocking a deep, dark, edgy lip opt for defined yet simple eyes. ModelCo has created a three shade eye palette ‘Moroccan Spice’ which is the perfect pairing for a bold lip. You can make the eye super- contoured through using the different shades to build up and around the upper lid. If you want to ensure your eyes really stand out, define the lower lash line and then work it into the socket and up into the inner bridge. Then it’s all about emphasising that arch, by filling in the inner corners of the eyes and just under the brow. To complete the eyes be sure to coat on a layer of mascara – Lashxtend Lengthening Mascara from ModelCo is a great everyday choice and you’ll have smouldering eyes just like Angelina Jolie (well one can only hope).

Skin should also be luminescent with a hint of a glow for the autumn season, hence why a gradual tanner is the perfect choice. I normally love ModelCo’s Tan in a Can but I think for the cooler months, the tan needs to be a little softer and build naturally and this is easily achieved through ModelCo’s Gradual tan lotion. This one smells divine which means I can wear it to work without anyone turning up their nose…

photo 1You may have noticed a running theme here; I achieved this seasonal look using products from ModelCo. You know I love them and not just because they create fabulous items for everyday and special occasions but more importantly they are accessible and for someone such as myself, who is super busy, this is a deciding factor in what beauty products I choose to buy. So where can you purchase these products from? At the same place you pick up your milk, your bread, your fruit and veg, your crackers and whatever else might be on your weekly shopping list. Simply purchase just one ModelCo cosmetic or tanning product from 03/04/2014 – 16/04/2014 at any Woolworths then enter your details online to reveal an instant prize. Plus go in the draw for your chance to win $100,000 cash. Everyone wins instantly, with up to $2 million in cash and prizes to be won. Who knew purchasing your self-tanner or favourite mascara could make you a hundred grand richer! I know what I’ll be adding to my next shopping list!

P.S Stay tuned to Livvy May for an upcoming ModelCo giveaway – as I want to share my love of this beauty brand with all of my gorgeous readers. Until next time lovelies X x

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