White Out

As I’m getting older, I’m adopting a simpler style – chic, neutral and might I dare say it, mature. 

I recently went home to Noosa to visit my family and as I sat across from my grandma, a woman I consider, one of the most stylish I know and told her of my new approach to dressing. She looked at me and smiled and I knew I’d reached that point where I was truly becoming a woman. Strange I know, for me to say at the age of 29, ‘I’m finally becoming a woman’ but, I feel it’s true as I have a new philosophy on life, love, happiness and most of all my style.


So, my evolution of style is what brings me to this post and you may have guessed from the title, I love white. It’s part of my new wardrobe colour scheme and instead of wearing the standard white shirt, I’ve opted for this little number I’ve nicknamed the summer blouse.  Zara always does tailoring to perfection and I find their pieces are perfect for work and play. This summer blouse is all business from the front and party at the back and I only wish I could have purchased it in black as well (as I’m also loving black, grey, khaki and every neutral tone under the sun).


Adding a touch of black, a printed clutch and a statement choker lifts the look and adds depth to a chic yet simple ensemble. I’m loving chokers at the moment, especially now I have shorter hair. What unique accessories are you loving in the lead up to summer? Until next time, lotsa love, LM x x



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