Working 9 to 5

I may work 9-5 (more like 7-7) but I’m no Dolly Parton!

As a blogger, the life you see me lead is one filled with fashion, food and fabulous parties but this is not my full time job.

My career has always come before my hobby – the blog is my hobby. An outlet I created to ease the pain of no longer working as a full time journalist in the fashion/lifestyle industry. However, I still work in the media and in fact for one of the largest media organisations in the world. Each day I’m delivering news from around the world to hundreds of thousands of people online so the pressure I feel at work is intense and the struggle I have to both further my career and continue with the enjoyment of my hobby is proving more and more difficult. But it’s all about finding a balance, right?

Since juggling long hours and after work social events, my work attire has seen a bit of an overhaul. As someone who works in social media and spends all hours of her day behind a computer dealing with fans and trolls alike, t-shirts and jeans were always my go to uniform (with a cute pair of ballet flats and a statement necklace of course). However, since I’m trying to attend more of the wonderful events I get invited to and catch up with friends post work who I often don’t get to see on weekends as I’m exhausted from the working week, I’ve had to re-think my work attire and adopt a more corporate way of dressing while still incorporating a Livvy May signature feel. There’s one issue with adopting the conservative, corporate look (something that’s become apparent in my workplace), I still want to look stylish and on trend.

You’ve guessed by now if you’re a long time follower of the blog, I’m not a true fashionista in the sense I’m not obsessed with black so when selecting the quintessential work outfit for this post it had to have a pop of colour and it had to be affordable. So I went to a place I know has both, a place I trust, that’s come a long way in the fashion stakes and picked up some new work threads from Target. I adore a tailored pant and managed to find these amazing straight leg, cigarette pants. I love the royal blue/navy colour and the slight sheen that I feel makes the overall look a little more sophisticated. The pink top is chic and sexy and from the Danni Minogue for Target range. What I love about it is apart from being the perfect day to night outfit, it’s also nice to wear with straight leg jeans on the weekend and a statement necklace.


For work, I opted for fine jewellery as the top is borderline risqué for the office considering it has cut outs in the back. I teamed it with pointed kitten heels with a simple gold band around the ankle to tie in with the fine gold jewellery.


What’s amazing about this outfit though is the bag – it’s so big and I love it! With a MacBook, an iPad, two phones and a million other work day essentials – the big bag is a necessity.


Was so much fun orchestrating this shoot and working with my friend, Tuscany who is a freelance photographer based in Melbourne and yes, do I get jealous of some of my friends freelance/blogging careers? I do but working 9-5 for a media mogul and furthering my careers whilst having a blog as a purely enjoyable stress free hobby on the side, is the only way it works for this working girl. What do you love about your 9-5 look?

Lotsa love, LM x x

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