Surry Hills gets Brooklynied

Surry Hills is known for being just a little bit hipster and a creative hub for artists from all walks of life. So suffice to say, there’s a creative smorgasbord in the area and the latest entity to hit the Hills takes inspiration from the east coast itself, more specifically Brooklyn!photo 5Brooklyn Hide is no exception to the above description and in fact I’ve always thought Surry Hills was a lot like Brooklyn. Nestled in Commonwealth Street near fellow gourmet delights like Bottega, lies Brooklyn Hide. A hip cafe serving coffee and tea (in the cutest tea infusing device I’ve ever seen) and an incredibly large array of bagels. Did I mention the bagels? All kinds of bagels, bagels with schmears, plain bagels, sweet bagels and bagel brekkie burgers – it’s all there and more! I went with the ‘Hells Kitchen’ bagel with avocado, prosciutto (Man, I love prosciutto), feta, rocket and lime on a poppyseed bagel. I delighted in not only my brekkie bagel but the company of two of Sydney’s finest, fellow Queenslanders lady marv and Mr Vogelmann. You think when three Queenslanders get together it would be all XXXX beer, tanning and State of Origin but no we’re Sydneysiders now and more importantly lover of all things bagel! Brooklyn bagel that is…

The cafe is decked out with all you’d require for an impromptu gathering with friends to goss and chat all things uber trendy over bagels and coffee! I must admit, apart from a bountiful of bagels, there was also some eye candy on show for all three of us, so I certainly wouldn’t discount Brooklyn Hide as a place for singles to mingle! Prices are great too, with a bagel brekkie burger going for $10 and keeping me full till well into the afternoon.

My outfit represented my interpretation of cafe chic – bold hat for the Sunday sun, a summer knit with holes down the sleeves (definitely not practical in a cooler climate) and my walking boots, because Surry Hills doesn’t have the term ‘hills’ in it for nothing!

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