Babe or Bondi Hipster?

When you think of Sydney, one word is synonymous – Bondi! Yes there’s the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House recently turned 40 but Bondi is one strip of beach that always turns up the heat.

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Ahh Bondi!

Boasting some of the best beach lifestyle in Sydney, Bondi is brimming with top notch eateries, bars, street art, boutiques and yes, babes! I must admit, I’m reasonably secure in my own skin but baking down Bondi can be rather daunting when surrounded by the bevvy of beauties and their bodacious bods on display. The other well-known fact about peeps in Bondi is it’s the birthplace of the elusive ‘hipster’ – a phrase I knew nothing about until I moved to Sydney. When showed a video of the ‘Bondi Hipsters’ pieces of the puzzle started coming together and I realised these were the exact sort of people I was meeting during my bar hopping and beach baking in Bondi and in my opinion it’s actually what makes the area unique. Bronte beach is for families and Bondi is for hipsters and babes, oh and the entire English community living in Sydney, cause let’s face it who wouldn’t want to live in paradise when you’ve grown up with less than desirable weather conditions.

Five Sides at Brown Sugar

Apart from babes, poms and hipsters what else exists in the bubble known as Bondi (yes, it’s referred to as a bubble cause once you’re there, you’ll never leave)? Being one of the best brunch spots in Sydney, there are too many cafes to list them all so I imagine you’ll be seeing more than just this one post on beloved Bondi but I will review a small sample. With a smorgasbord of scrumptious spots, Brown Sugar is certainly one that comes out on top. It boasts a line up on a Saturday and Sunday but the wait is well worth the experience as the food is heavenly, coffee exceptional, service delightful and when my three year old niece, Annabelle visited me from Queensland the staff at Brown Sugar made her feel super special. Basically anyone who is nice to my baby girl is always a winner with me plus Annabelle said their berry milkshake was “amazeballs” (I know I’ve taught her bad habits). Not only is a great brekkie stop (the ‘five sides’ is always a winner) but I’ve dined there for dinner and it’s a fantastic date night option whether with a lover or friend. Refer to cocktail rating for Brown Sugar below.


Baked eggs at Deli Bottega

Deli Bottega was another brunch spot I’d heard fabulous things about but to be frank I wasn’t overly impressed. You know I’m fairly positive with my reviews because I genuinely can always find something to rave about but I’ve dined there twice and on both occasions the food looks fantastic but it doesn’t match the hype. Lox, Stox and Barrel is relatively new and for a smaller breakfast option or one on the go, it’s an ideal choice. I had the opportunity to dine in midweek and the café was brimming with happy little vegemite’s who were thoroughly entertained by colouring in materials supplied by staff and relieved mothers who were thrilled to enjoy their coffee in peace. An exciting new spot that’s also not overpriced.

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The best Bloody Mary from The Stuffed Beaver

Whilst I haven’t delved into the night life scene at Bondi (I’ll save that for another post), I can give you some amazing options for a hangover cure that’ll knock ya socks off. My Sunday fix – a Bloody Mary with extra Tabasco, it’s sure to get you back on the straight and narrow. If you want amazing views while you indulge in this hangover cure than The Bucket List does a standard yet delicious version. However, if epic is more your thing than you cannot surpass The Stuffed Beaver. With pickles and then some, I will forever be grateful to my gorgeous friend, Lisa for introducing me to this beverage of epic proportions!

In terms of threads, you’ll always find me cruising Bondi in either sportswear or swimwear so I opted for ‘sports luxe’ because who doesn’t love a little monochrome with a touch of red?

Bondi, you sure are beautiful and I am most certainly looking forward to my second summer basking in your glorious rays with your babes, hipsters and all the bits and bobs that make you one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world.

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