Baby, you’ve got it

Often referred to as a big country town, Brisbane is squashing this given title as it blasts on to our radars and becomes an Aussie city to be rivaled with in relation to food and fashion.  So hence the title of this post, baby, you’ve got it cause Brisvegas you got it indeed! 

Fellow foodie and journalist, Lucy Stephens

Fellow foodie and journalist, Lucy Stephens

I spent seven years of my life in Brisbane, I studied there, my career started there, I frequented its cafes, restaurants, brunch spots, bars, nightclubs, boutiques, did I mention bars, and still was never able to unlock all its secret charms and hidden gems. In fact, I’m not sure I’m even the authority to inform you of where to eat, however, lucky for Livvy May I know someone who is. Lucy Stephens is the Digital Editor of Brisbane-based publication, Style Magazines, she’s also a fabulous friend and a truly authentic ‘foodie’ – not one of those people who think they know food, this girl really does know food. Every word she writes relating to food is gospel (to me anyway) and I like to think I can sniff out a fellow foodie when I meet one.

Here she shares her thoughts on three of my favourite cuisines/meal times: brunch, Thai and Italian and where you can get the best of the best in Brisbane.

Lucy on Brunch in Brisbane: I love a boozy brunch at Chester Street Bakery & Bar. Although I’m not normally a sweet breakfast person, their Brioche pizza with fresh fig, peach, mascarpone and cinnamon sprinkle is amazing, and you can wash down your meal with a ‘spiked’ juice or smoothie. My regular though is Comfort at My Table at Milton. It gets a little noisy inside on the weekends, but the breakfast really is sublime, and you can even book for larger groups. Try the Nims’ eggs with poached eggs, bacon, pesto, banana chutney and roasted tomato.

Lucy on Thai in Brisbane: For Thai food (my number one favourite cuisine) I have three go-tos. My Thai Restaurant on Auchenflower, Thai Kitchen on Kedron Brook Rd, Wilston and Thai Chada at Grange. It helps that Thai Kitchen is just below our office, but it really is delicious, and it’s my bosses hands-down favourite. I discovered Thai Chada when I was living at Windsor, and I still go there when I can. They make this delicious Phi Phi curry, with pineapple and lychees and coconut milk. Order it with the duck – it’s amazing.

Lucy on Italian in Brisbane: Italian is a cuisine I don’t eat a lot of at restaurants (just because it tends to mean I want to go straight home to bed when it’s over, rather than out dancing) but when I do, it’s usually pizza. And for pizza, you can’t go past Beccofinos at Teneriffe. Amazing pizzas and well-priced too. If you’re looking for something more fine dining, Bucci on James Street and Tartufo at Emporium are fantastic. Both places offer tasty dishes (with plenty of non-pasta options) and an atmospheric dining experience. Tartufo has intimate red leather booths you can snuggle up in, and Bucci occupies a sunken spot overlooking James Street so you can people watch.


Lunch with photographic superstar, Tracey Johnson at The Paleo Cafe

Ok back to Livvy May now… And you might be wondering what inspired me to write beloved Brisbane and it happened when I traveled home a few weeks ago to meet my baby niece, Matilda. I met up with fellow creative and photographer, Tracey Johnson who had a fantastic location idea. For those of you who are Brisbane-based you would recognise the infamous Chinatown car park in Fortitude Valley. Yep, we all ‘hung’ out there with our crew back in the day and now a few moons later, I’ve returned and found a whole new form of inspiration within the vintage and pastel covered location. The outfit screams summer in Queensland, particularly because the top is from Brisbane based boutique, Princess Polly (don’t worry Sydneysiders, they’re established here now too) and the heels, from The Mode Collective are one of my new favourite staples. I plan on wearing these throughout the Autumn/Winter season with jeans and a black blazer and let the shoes be the star. On a side note, after a day of shooting I was famished and The Paleo Cafe in Paddington is an absolute must, plus it healthy #winning!

Brisbane peeps please share you favourite eateries, so I’ll know whet to check out the next time I venture up north. Livvy May X x

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