Back to where it all began

There are big and exciting things ahead for Livvy May as I continue to find my feet here in Sydney and discover more about this fabulous city I’ve come to call home.

Although I have cemented myself as an official Sydneysider I’m a big believer in remembering where you come from, so this week’s post is appropriately titled, ‘Back to where it all began’, as I take you on a journey to how I evolved as a lifestyle journalist in Brisbane to a modern day blogger.

My hometown, Noosa

My hometown, Noosa

Sydney and Melbourne are often viewed as the fashion and creative hubs of Australia – it’s where all the fashionistas and hipsters dwell. Whether it be in their underground whiskey bars covered in mahogany décor or down Bondi beach in a chic bar overlooking all the buff beach babes, these two hot spots have always been the ‘it’ places in Australia.

Well I’m not from either of those places, I was born in Adelaide and grew up in Queensland (big change I know) and even though I may have never felt either of those places quite suited me, I don’t discount the valuable growth I experienced when I was there.

Growing up in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, a stunningly beautiful place and hot spot for tourists around the world, I never quite felt at home. I craved something bigger, something less coastal and more city chic. I love the beach but a beach bum I was not and my school holidays were spent catching the train to Brisbane with my BFF and stocking up on fashions at Witchery, Country Road and all the boutique shops who stocked the brands no one had heard of on the coast.

style girls

Me and some of the fabulous girls from Style Magazines

So when it came time to venture out of the nest, the natural choice for me was Brisbane (it was the closest city after all) and whilst studying journalism and business I fully engrossed myself in ‘research’ – well that of the retail kind. One thing people will attest to when it comes to me is clothes, accessories, shoes – the whole shebang is where a good portion of my wage is invested. My father has literally said he will NEVER help me move again unless I do a complete cull of my wardrobe (sorry dad, this will never happen)! Due to this love of fashion, it was a natural progression for me to take my brand new spanking degree in journalism and head towards what I believed to be the lifestyle magazine of choice in Brisbane, Style Magazines. After a brief internship I was upgraded to full time journalist and stylist – doing what I loved most. Owner, Tracy Johnston and Editor, Claire Parviz gave me a fabulous start in my career and the team continue to grow Style Magazines and its custom publishing sector to be a real rival in the fashion and lifestyle market. They love Brisbane, they believe in Brisbane and they continue to see the potential of this great city and its growth as an area for the fashionistas, hipsters and many more.


When in need of a little perspective, I always go back to where it all began… Noosa!

By now you’re probably wondering what’s the point of this post, where’s this week’s food review? Don’t worry, I’ll be back to doing what I do best next week (eating that is) as I continue my degustational journey through Sydney. However, I ventured back to Queensland for the recent long weekend for a photo shoot and naturally to spend time with family and friends and despite my love of Sydney, it made me realise the journey I’ve had and the people and places who have shaped and inspired me and Brisbane is one of them – producing some of my favourite fashion bloggers and lifestyle publications aka Style Magazines!

Some of my favourites include Fabliha and Tasifa Reza of Inside In Inside Out and stylish duo, Thessy and Yiota from fashion label Sabo Skirt. So be inspired by the places around you and the places you’ve been, whether they are seen as fashion-forward or ‘a little more coastal,’ and when in doubt or in need of a refresher on life, do what I did and head back to where it all began.


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