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Ciao, come stai? Sono molto bene, grazie. Uno dei miei piatti favourire è italiano, posto da cui oggi è tutto cibo italiano.No, you don’t have to speak Italian to enjoy this weeks post because in case you haven’t noticed I’m back to English and have now set the theme. If you missed it, it’s about one of my favourite cuisines, Italian!

I have ventured to this wonderful country many times now and yes I’ll admit nowhere in the world makes pizza, pasta and gelato the way the Italians do, however, I can’t afford to fly across the other side of the world several times a year so I’ve had to discover pockets of Little Italy right here at home.

Angel hair pasta ẃ raw tuna, rocket, parmesan & chilli oil at Bondi Trattoria

Angel hair pasta ẃ raw tuna, rocket, parmesan & chilli oil at Bondi Trattoria

Italian food is by far in my top three favourite cuisines; however, many say it’s not friendly on the waistline. To that I say, I don’t care, I will never stop salivating over prosciutto pizza with splashing’s of parmesan and rocket, penne all’arrabbiata or marinara risotto. And, when it comes to gelato, give me all the flavours ever created and you’ve got one delightfully content young lady!  Sydney doesn’t have quite the same reputation as our Aussie counterparts when it comes to fabulous, authentic Italian food. Melbourne has Lygon St and Adelaide has North Adelaide but today I’m going to dig deep (yes I have Italian in my heritage) and reveal some of my favourite Italian eateries that exist in my favourite city, Sydney.

Firstly, for a ladies lunch or a romantic dinner with ocean views, you can’t go past Bondi Trattoria. It’s centrally located on Campbell Parade and the food/atmosphere is exactly what you want when dining Italian style. I remember when in Florence, I uncovered the best Italian restaurant ever, yes ever, Il Latini. The waiter literally takes care of business for you as they prefer to recommend certain dishes and bring them out according to where they fit in the complete dining experience. This is somewhat similar to Bondi Trattoria, where the waiter really takes the reign’s suggesting which dishes he thinks are delectable. I opted for angel hair pasta ẃ raw tuna, rocket, parmesan & chilli oil (main size of course) washed down with a lovely Pinot Gris. It was light, but filling and simply divine!

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An array of dishes at Franco Franco

Another great option for atmosphere is Franco Franco in Surry Hills. It has a real Italian vibe and authentic wait staff. In my opinion the food is not on the same level of Bondi Trattoria, however for a mid-week meal with a friend or casual date night it’s a great option. I think the food could be amazing, I unfortunately didn’t pick the right option and it wasn’t what I expected.

Pizza at Fratelli Fresh

Pizza at Fratelli Fresh

To end on a more positive note I lined up with the rest of Sydney a few weeks ago to dine at Fratelli Fresh in the city and I’m delighted I did! It was an amazing experience and very much felt like an Italian getaway. My favourite part was sitting at the bar with my girlfriend and watching the chefs create the exquisite meals right before our eyes. There is nothing sexier than a man who can spin pizza dough, seriously! There is also a Fratelli Fresh in Alexandria which I hear is also an experience on its own, so whether you’re after a long lunch in the burbs or date night in the city, Fratelli Fresh is the perfect choice.

What should one wear when dining Italian style? To be honest absolutely anything, as long as it’s chic, feminine and has a touch of your own style. I went with basic black with this top from Sheike in a flattering cut and gave it an edgier vibe with boyfriend jeans and black heels. I love a boyfriend jean, they are so comfy and I can literally eat all the carbs I want and the food has a place to hide… The piece DE resistance however, is this stunning necklace from Nat Kent. It needs to be the stand-out star so if you have long hair like me, hair up with this one is a must . I teamed it all with a bright pink link to tie the neck piece, black and denim all together. Definitely an outfit I’ll be wearing in winter too with a sleek blazer or tailored coat.

FYI my all-time favourite Italian delicacy is prosciutto wrapped in melon. Try it today!

Deliziosa lovelies! X x

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