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Does anyone actually enjoy heading out to Sydney airport to line up behind all the other cars waiting to pick up their loved ones? Well I do and today I’ll tell you why…

Patrons enjoy the atmosphere at The Grounds of Alexandria

Patrons enjoy the atmosphere at The Grounds of Alexandria

Being a native Queenslander, yet living in Sydney, means I have a number of visitors frequent my new hometown, which ultimately means multiple trips to the airport and while I don’t enjoy the madness of the traffic there’s definitely an upside to heading to that neck of the woods and it’s called The Grounds of Alexandria. A wondrous place where you feel as though you’ve stepped out of the hustle and bustle of the city and into a scene from a chic countryside town where everyone is joyous due to sunshine, divine food and fresh lemonade! Yep old school lemonade!

Located in an old pie factory from the early 1900’s, The Grounds of Alexandria is the flagship venue for its specialty coffee. The site hosts a coffee research and testing facility alongside a cafe, opening onto a luscious garden of heirloom vegetables and fragrant herbs.

Olive samples are in abundance

Olive samples are in abundance

The team behind the wonderland have turned it into a destination – not just a place to eat but a place to taste a variety of gourmet delights, learn best practice with regards to coffee grinding, explore the garden grown delights and even stop to not just smell the roses but buy them as well. With markets held on the first weekend of each month in the quaint cafe garden, this place has it all and then some.

Due to its incredibleness, don’t be surprised if you arrive and you have to wait. It’s worth it but if you are in a hurry they usually have little stalls set up and a BBQ cranking for those who are simply ravenous and can’t bear to wait for some scrumptious samples! The last time I frequented this pleasure land I had to wait for an hour, so what else was a girl to do but stroll around the sights, taste some olives, sip lemonade, purchase fresh flowers and naturally instagram the shiz out of it!

Smashed Avo at The Grounds of Alexandria

Smashed Avo at The Grounds of Alexandria

When it finally came to chow time I was pleased as punch – my Sydney pal Benny Edwards had recommended the smashed avocado and I always trust a recommendation from this man. Drizzled with pesto and accompanied by roast tomatoes, olives, haloumi and micro herbs there was nothing micro about this beast and it tasted heavenly! My date on the other hand couldn’t pass up the burger and after sampling a little myself I could see why – classic beef, pickles, cheese, condiments and a side of fat chips, you can’t beat that on a Sunday!

Prices are reasonable considering the splendid surroundings and the staff are friendly and accommodating, taking into consideration the amount of time you’ve waited to finally be able to sit down and indulge. This eclectic hideaway need not only be frequented when heading towards the airport, there’s plenty to do in Alexandria with outlet shopping, furniture store and more you can certainly make a day of it.

Fresh blooms available to purcahse

Fresh blooms available to purchase

What of the outfit – well think city meets country! I opted for this gorgeous floral number from Asos. However, in relation to this outfit it’s all about the accessories and for a sunny Sunday in Sydney that means killer shades (I’m loving Roc Eyewear right now), a bright clutch like my chosen pearler from Sheike and of course something to define the decolletage and you can’t go past diva for fab accessories.

So in essence I do urge you to check out this sprawling gem, if not for the food, the markets, the atmosphere or fresh blooms but to see the return of Kevin Bacon the Pig – who is so popular he was actually pig-napped this year. Don’t fret anymore though; he’s back in action and continuing to bring his charm to The Grounds of Alexandria.

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    You talk it way up – deservedly so, however, the waiting annoyed me a little!

    • Reply December 12, 2013

      Livvy May

      It’s so worth the wait Carolyn, trust me! X x

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