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So, I just turned another year older and it’s got me thinking about the effects of ageing, particularly with regards to skincare, which lead me to write this story and make a shocking confession. My sister recently asked me what I use on my skin. She has been through three pregnancies and is physically so happy with how her body has bounced back except for her skin and (here is the confession) I genuinely didn’t know what to say. Make-up I get but skincare I simply didn’t know how to advise her. She gave me this vague look as if to say, ‘aren’t you Livvy May?’ and ‘shouldn’t you of all people know?’ well Em, I’m here to deliver on all of the above.

Last week I had the pleasure of attending my good friend, ModelCo’s skincare launch. Yes, I just called a brand my friend because it fits the bill. A good friend is someone you can trust, someone you believe in, someone who makes you feel good and someone who is fun to be around (I totally have fun tanning in my bathroom every Thursday night with my fave playlist blasting). So ModelCo is my friend! So is RHW, that’s Rosie Huntington-Whitely, FYI we’re totally on initial basis, I swear she called me LM after this photo was taken and wished me Happy Birthday… what a Birthday! Ok so she didn’t call me LM but we totes bonded and she is the perfect ambassador for ModelCo, as she radiates health, beauty and has only made me cry myself to sleep wishing I had her body for my trip to Mexico next month when I’ll be partially nude for an entire ten days… Essentially she’s gorgeous!

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Rosie was visiting Sydney for the launch of ModelCo’s very first skincare range – it’s all natural, affordable and I’m already seeing the benefits after only using it for a week (ting, ting, ting, jackpot)! The new range uses, calming yet antioxidant rich Pomegranate and Acai Fruit Extracts and is free from chemicals, synthetic ingredients, parabens, sulphates, silicones, PEG’s and synthetic colours. My favourite so far is the macadamia oil, a luxury facial oil containing a powerful composition and unique healing properties to reach the deeper layers of the skin, providing true moisture and leaving no oily residue, just velvety skin softness. Mmm soft velvety skin! The other stand out product, according to RHW, which I don’t have my pretty little hands on yet but will be picking up from Priceline very soon, is the Replenishing Rose Mist. Rosie revealed she had been using the mist on her long haul flight from LA to Sydney and she says it’s a refreshing and nourishing facial mist designed to replenish, tone and revitalise the skin in one simple spritz. Can’t wait to try this one, perhaps I’ll take it on my flight to Mexico… If it’ll make me look remotely like Rosie, I’m keen! The basic products are amazing too with both a foam and gel cleanser available in the range – I prefer a gel simply because I can work it into my face and it feels as though it’s cleaning the makeup off my skin.

There is a second part to this post as I’ve always wondered why we clean our faces and then plaster on makeup – this is why I like to stick to one brand. If they are designed to work hand in hand and from the same base materials then I figure it has to be better than messing with various different brands. But don’t quote me on that, after all I’m a writer, not a scientist!

ModelCo also has an amazing range of makeup products that can take you from day to night with a just a few handbag essentials. However, there is one key product I must single out as the superstar – ‘More Brows’! I have the teeniest tiniest brows and this wand is literally my new bestie. Its quick-dry gel formula contains hair-like particles to create the appearance of fuller, more even eyebrows in one application. AMAZING! Cara Delevingne here I come… Combine the brows with killer curly lashes thanks to the Turbo Lashwand and you’re ready for a Saturday night out!

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Another handbag staple is ‘Cheek and Lips’, a cheek and lip tint (yep, it’s dual purpose), which delivers a natural, rosy glow, leaving the perfect amount of sheer colour for just-flushed cheeks and/or a lightly stained lip.

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Apart from online, ModelCo’s natural skincare range can be found in Priceline and their makeup range at Woolworths – two places I know my sister frequents on a weekly basis so there are no excuses now Em, perfect skin is coming your way.

In other news, I have had a few readers reach out recently asking about how to apply makeup properly, so if this is something you might also be interested in, would love you to drop me a line in the comments below or on Facebook. I can’t promise you’ll end up looking anything like my gal pal RHW but it’s fabulous to dream either way. Until next time lovelies, be kind to yourselves, treat your skin like it deserves and pucker up with ModelCo like RHW and LM (yep I used initials to refer to myself again)! X x

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