Live life unplanned

SPONSORED VIDEO: As a Virgo I must admit I’m usually reasonably organised. I like structure, routine and knowing what’s ahead, except when it comes to one thing, fun.

While I’m a fairly true Virgo – perfectionist, analytical and a born worrier, there are elements of my personality which are very Leo. I live life to the fullest, embrace my outgoing personality and extroverted family and in some respects, despite following structure and routine I #LiveLifeUnplanned. That’s right you heard me, especially when it comes to fun.

I’m inspired everyday by those around me, including family, friends and bloggers I follow like ‘The Trend Setter’. People who seem to embrace every opportunity and experience in a way only they know how. It’s so important to surround yourself with those kinds of people, the people who will live in the moment, be present and hop on the ride with you.

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From travel to career opportunities and new relationships, everything around us provides special moments to be present, live life unplanned and celebrate in style. Working day to day in a hectic newsroom, nothing beats those moments of simplicity where I can enjoy a glass of wine with friends over dinner, at the latest bar or a Sunday picnic. Those moments are priceless, Chandon in one hand, food in the other and laughter a-plenty. That’s home, that’s present, that’s living free in the moment.

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I’d ask you what your special #LiveLifeUnplanned experiences are but I guess then you wouldn’t be living in the moment.

Lotsa love, LM xx

This post has been presented by Chandon, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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