My six step dewy makeup look

Dewy skin is all the rage right now which is brilliant as it’s the perfect makeup look for the summer season. 

Not only does a dewy makeup look make you look younger but it’s super fresh, natural and very easy to apply. For this tutorial I sourced some amazing products from Adore Beauty including;

The key to this look is having clean skin so always remember in order to achieve the dewy look it’s important to wash day and night and not only do I love rosehip oil before applying this look but also at night before bed.

After applying rosehip oil, the Clarins complexion base is the perfect light foundation which I find best to apply with the fingers as the warmth from your body heat will help the blending process. Once dry, using a big brush I like to dust over the face with a balm – an oil-free, paraben-free all in one illuminator for face and body.

The key to this look is then to highlight and a bronzer is perfect as it adds a natural glow and accentuates crucial areas of the face. To complete the look I like to add a touch of mascara as it opens the eyes which brings your face to life. Finally, add a touch of the highlighting balm to the upper lip and you’re ready to head out and hit the town! xx 

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