Q&A with Jess Marshall aka Jeskaa Lee

This month on Livvy May, I launch a new edition to the blog, Q&A’s with some of my favourite creatives. Nothing pleases me more than someone finding something I write or an image I capture inspiring because we all draw inspiration from many different sources. I’m inspired everyday either by people who touch my life personally or professionally, places, memories and by others who share my passion for creativity, whether it be in the fashion, food or health and lifestyle industry. Jess Marshall is an up and coming blogger based in Northern New South Wales. Her positive messaging and beautiful imagery are a constant inspiration not only for myself but for the abundance of young girls around the world who follow her religiously on Instagram, as her blog continues to grow. This week we delve inside a day in the life of Jess aka Jeskaa Lee, her seasonal must-haves and how she’s taking on the blogging world one outfit at a time…

Q: Your must have essentials for every wardrobe?
A: That one pair of jeans you can wear to almost every occasion, dress up or down and feel amazing in. Some ankle boots, a classic trench coat, a pair of simple pointed heels and a pencil skirt. I am obsessed with them and feel like they work for so many occasions day or night.

Q: Your style icons?
A: One of my biggest style icons is blogger, photographer, model and stylist Hanneli Mustaparta. Not only do we work in similar professions but she has an extremely good eye for putting together beautiful outfits that scream classic sophistication and sometimes daring. I’d love to be as successful as her one day!

Q: Is there a particular style or trend you love as we head into winter?
A: Sometimes I think there are too many I love every season. I love a classic statement trench coat, I also love the new pointed toe boots coming out, so will definitely want to try this trend!

Q: Favourite place to shop?
A: Online shopping for sure! I love that I can have so many boutiques and labels at my finger tips, I enjoy shopping at The Iconic and Asos. However, I don’t want to let retail stores close down so I do head into stores and try things on and get a feel for them before I buy.

Q: Favourite local spot?
A: Burleigh Heads as there are so many cute cafes, bars and breath taking views by the beach. It’s one of my favourite places despite not being extremely local to where I live now, but I’d love to live there one day. It’s not too far up the coast and not too far down south; it has a village feel about it and just makes me happy.

Q: How would you describe your own personal style?
A: My style is classy, on-trend and a bit rock and roll at times. I love to wear something feminine with a bit of an edge, as I believe it suits my personality.

Q: Are you a summer or a winter girl?
A: I ask myself this question every year and I think I might be an autumn girl. I love the in between of being able to still wear a cute summer skirt with a cosy knit.

Q: A day in the life of you…..
A: Each day is different for me, which is unusual because I love things to be planned and organised. I work in a retail store selling swimwear some days, others I will be out shooting and getting creative for the blog, or out going to castings, modelling jobs or fitting in catch ups with friends or family. Also if I have free time and the sun is shining you’ll catch me at the beach soaking up some sun!

Q: What inspired you to start your own blog?
A: A couple of people had noticed I loved snapping images of my outfits and posting them on Instagram and suggested I start a blog. I’d also followed different bloggers but never really thought of myself to be one of them. From having that encouragement I began. I haven’t looked back and loved every minute of it!

Q: How do you find the time to work, blog and stay fit and healthy?
A: I guess because I like to be organised, I plan out what I can fit into certain days depending on how busy my schedule is. That way I can decide what sort of exercise I will fit into the day whether it’s a long run or a quick Pilates’ session at home or both.

Q: You’re admired for your physique and naturally gorgeous looks, what is your number one health and fitness tip?
A: Drink plenty of water, or coconut water because it’s delicious and hydrating. Learn to love yourself and look after your mind and body, having a positive mind set is one of the best ways to work towards being healthy inside and out.

Q: Do you follow a beauty regime?
A: I like to keep it pretty simple – I cleanse my face in the morning, then cleanse and exfoliate at night to remove the day’s makeup and oils. I like to use rosehip oil on my face and neck before I go to bed to re-hydrate my skin.

Q: What can we expect from Jeskaalee in 2014?
A: This month actually marks the one year anniversary for my blog, so that’s pretty exciting! I will be releasing an E-book soon full of all sorts of goodness based on fashion, health, positive thinking and lots more! I can’t wait to share it. I feel like this is just the start of an amazing journey and cannot wait to see where it takes me!

Well, Jess, I couldn’t agree more. Keep doing what you’re doing because not only are you enriching your own life through your creative outlet but you’re enriching the lives of others through inspirational messages, images and simply for being you.

Stay tuned for more Q&A’s in 2014 with bloggers and creative types I follow and feel inspired by on a daily basis. X x

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