Q&A with fashion designer, Ebony Eve

Ebony Eve lives by the expression of wear what makes you feel beautiful. With exquisite attention to detail, dreamy fabrics and a classic yet bohemian spirit, Ebony Eve creates beautifully crafted clothes.

Designer Ebony Eagles

Designer Ebony Eagles

Created by Australian designer Ebony Eagles, Ebony Eve is the realisation of Ebony’s childhood dream to create her own brand. In 2005 when she was just 22, Ebony decided to pursue her passion for creating beautiful clothes and her brand Ebony Eve was born. The Ebony Eve girl captures her femininity through a classic sense of style. She’s a free spirited wanderer who embraces life and all its beauty. Ebony Eve collections focus on soft, graceful silhouettes that are punctuated by bold, signature prints. The simple yet sophisticated designs are both supremely comfortable and easy to wear whilst also capturing the look of the moment. Perfect for global adventures, social occasions or breezy weekends, Ebony Eve is fashion for the modern lifestyle. The prints are used in a mix of pieces from shorts, pants and skirts to a varied range of dresses in different cuts and lengths. Ebony Eve’s playful yet ladylike pieces are made in luxurious silks, crepes. Ebony Eve is also famous for their casual with-an-edge basics, such as the striped jersey basic top, which have become a phenomenon in their own right. I recently caught up with the Melbourne-based designer for a quick Q&A.

Q: The city with the best style?

A: Paris, it’s so elegant and simple.

Q: Your must have essentials in the wardrobe?

A: Jean shorts and a striped basic.

Q: Favourite era in fashion?

A: The 1930’s Flapper era – such attention to detail, everybody was starting to experiment.

Q: Your style icons?

A: Love Lou Doillon, Alexa Chung, Nicole Richie…..

Q: Women you would most like to dress?

A: Lou Doillon, Alexa Chung, Nicole Richie…..

Q: Is there a particular style or trend you love as we head into Autumn?

A: Loving the Bohemian vibe coming back into fashion and ripped jeans when they’re done well.

Q: Favourite place to shop?

A: Brick Lane – London.

Q: Your inspiration for your latest collection?

A: I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from bohemian trends and prints etc, as well as simple basic lines.

Q: How would you describe your own personal style?

A: Pretty simple, feminine… fuss free.

Q:  Are you a summer or a winter girl?


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