Roses are red

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet….. well today I give you three – now that’s an abundance of sweetness.

My gorgeous "cousin" Jessie and I at her Hens do.

My gorgeous “cousin” Jessie and I at her Hens do.

This week I’m venturing out of the east to one of my absolute favourite cafes in Sydney. It holds a special place in my heart because there is in fact a family connection and above everything else, I value family most of all. My gorgeous cousin Shae married his one true love Jessie last year, now Jessie has been part of the family for years and indeed I call her my cousin because in my eyes she is. Lucky for me Jessie’s parents, Lina and George own a café in Drummoyne, so not only do I get family rates (yippee) but I’m also treated like one of their own every time I visit and for a girl who lives in a city without her beloved parents it’s nice to know I have surrogates who will ensure I’m well fed.

The infamous brekkie board

The infamous brekkie board

Three Rosettas Espresso Bar and Cafe (three roses) was named after George and Lina’s three beautiful daughters (also their roses) and the café truly is a family affair. In fact when I first moved to Sydney, George and Lina were kind enough to let me work there knowing well I knew nothing about waitressing and talked way too much. Turns out that’s what George loved about me most and in return I consider myself a Three Rosettas member for life and therefore (fingers crossed) will receive family rates for life too!

Snitty sanga #yum

Snitty sanga #yum

Anyway let’s move to the most important part of the meal…. I mean post…. the food. It’s nourishing, delicious and has an authenticity to it making it exceptionally unique from your traditional café. There’s a mixture of ‘regular’ brekkie/brunch/lunch options and then there’s the dishes with a twist, like the ‘brekkie board’ which is inspired by George and Lina’s Lebanese heritage. Jessie and I chose to share this and the snitty sanga (schnitzel sandwich) which were both appropriate choices for our ladies lunch. There are healthy options and sweet treats if you’re in the mood for something lighter and there’s even a killer kids menu as the little people are some of George’s best customers. Now what about the liquid elixir… renowned for its coffee, Three Rosettas has been recently renovated, providing a bigger and better service area where resident barista, Alberto does his thing and a fresh open dining section.

1797598_838543046159267_633976461502689912_nUnlike its café counterparts, where places like Bondi is known for its hipster crowd, Surry Hills for its art deco bunch, Three Rosettas is a real mix, which makes it a more enjoyable dining experience as you can watch, interact and be part of something bigger than the ‘regular’ scene you’re probably used to. Best part is George and Lina, will make you feel as though you are a guest in their own home, where they take you through a sensory journey of delights and ensure you feel like part of the family by the time you leave.

When it comes to what to wear, this is a place where anything goes, however, considering they make me feel like royalty every time I go in, I do like to pop on something bright and don a bold lip and/or accessories. So, I did! I adore this tribal print dress from Princess Polly, it’s easy to wear and flattering on most shapes. I chose to team it with embellished accessories in amethyst and fringing, just to take it to the next level.

So I challenge you, step outside of the east, outside of your comfort zone and make the trip to Drummoyne to visit George, Lina and the entire family (seriously they are always there) and I guarantee it will be an experience you cherish just as much as I do.

Happy Easter lovelies, please enjoy a safe and fulfilling long weekend! X x

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