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We all have go-to brands and today I share with you one of mine, Target.

It started when I was just a wee girl, my mum, along with my older brother and sister in tow would take us to Sefton Park Plaza in Adelaide (the city where I was born) for a spot of morning shopping in Target. From clothes, to homewares, to makeup my mum was an addict and soon enough I became one too. It’s amazing how things stick as since those early days and despite moving from Adelaide to Queensland and Queensland to Sydney, Target has remained my number one stop for basics and everyday needs.

Now, the brand has evolved into much more than a one stop staple shop as they expand to include exciting collaborations with some of Australia’s finest fashionistas and the international fashion elite. With an A list of collabs including Danni Minogue and Missoni, it’s a hard task these days to wander into Target for some everyday purchases and not come out with unnecessary but completely amazing new wardrobe additions. This is what happened to me recently so I thought best share my purchases with all of you and the inspiration behind a chic, springtime/summer staple, combining white and stripes.


Summer is well and truly on its way and today as I wandered round Bondi (which was truly amazing), I swear I could have shut my eyes and imagined I was back in my favourite place on earth, Santorini. Santorini, has always screamed summer to me, probably because of the fond memories I experienced there on a European vacay in 2012. I was 26 years old at the time and experienced real love. A love that still burns bright whenever I picture those iconic blue domes and white terraces.


Santorini was the inspiration for this look, stripes, white and blue with a splash of a red lip and a tan bag. I’ve always associated stripes with water and being out on the ocean and this striped knitted tee has become a favourite of mine for both work and play. Teamed with a casual blue tencel short, the look evolves into something you would wear whilst travelling round the Greek islands where the sun shines, sandals permanently adorne your feet and a light jacket is a necessity for days out on the water. The anorak style of this white jacket from Target is going to get a great deal of use during the spring transition into summer here in Sydney and with a number of amazing pockets it’s safe to say, it had me at hello!


What also makes Target unique is the quality, it’s incredible the clothing you can acquire for a minimal price that is bang on trend, affordable and oh so chic! In fact, can you believe the jacket; sandals, shorts, striped tee and necklace used in this shoot (all from Target) came in at a total of $140.


This is why I can’t be trusted whenever I venture into Target; she’s too much of a temptress.


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    Love your blog! #mustgettotargetasap
    katie from bootcamp

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      Livvy May

      Thank you lovely! x x

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