The year ahead

It’s been a busy start to 2017 which is why I’m only getting around to setting some goals for myself now! I didn’t have much of a break over Christmas as myself and my partner work in a newsroom and as you all know the news never sleeps. So after a few days off during the festive season we were both back in Sydney and back at work on the 28th December and of course back to being busy little beavers.  However we weren’t just busy with work…..

On Christmas Day, the love of my life got down on bended knee and asked me to be his forever. I of course said yes and was thrilled at the prospect of a lifetime filled with love and laughter with my best friend.


Therefore I’m setting some rules out for the year ahead because for me, this year is going to be huge!

1. Plan the wedding of our dreams: I’m in full planning a wedding mode and it’s incredibly exciting! From florists to styling to venue choices I think I’m going to enjoy this process way too much! Let me know if you’d like me to blog about my journey/experience during the wedding planning process.

2. Getting my butt in shape for my wedding: Every year this goal is made by millions around the world but now I actually have the perfect reason. I’m already pretty health and like to keep fit but in order to be in tip top shape for my wedding day I may want to cut back on the booze and the weekend treats :/

3. Challenge myself further in my career: I love what I do and don’t think I could give up working in a newsroom in the social media space in order to blog full time. I’m a people person and need to be surrounded by a team who helps me thrive in my workplace. Having said that, one can become stale in what they are doing, especially if you’ve been doing it for a while and feel it’s not challenging you the way it used to. Therefore, this year, I’m going to create challenges for myself within my working environment to ensure I’m constantly building and growing in my field.

4. Deliver more content via That’s right! This isn’t just a blog for me – it’s a lifestyle website and I want to bring you all the latest and greatest in the world of food and fashion. I’d love to also share my fitness/food journey in the lead up to my wedding and all the big decisions that coincide with the year of planning that awaits me. I promise, NO BRIDEZILLA!

5. Think ahead: A key thing for me this year will be planning our future. I am a super organised person but I also need to learn not everything can be planned. Having said that, a timeline of when and how we see our lives panning out is not necessarily a bad thing. Last year we purchased our first house together, we plan on having kids in the couple of years but where will we live, what will we plan to do – these are all questions that partners need to discuss when they’ve decided to make such a big commitment to one another and be sure they’re on the same page.

6. Organise the BEST honeymoon: We’re thinking we’d love to go to Europe first – in particular Greece and Italy. Then on the way home stop by somewhere warm, like the Philippine Islands so we can come back home with a tan. Basically  we hope to eat pasta, drink wine, get tans and hopefully make a baby!




Would love to hear what you have planned for the year ahead. Lotsa love, LM xx



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