Will you be my Valentine?

Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a big believer in love! Sometimes I feel I have so much love inside, I’ll burst (seriously I do). 

So you’d expect me to be obsessed with Valentine’s Day, right?  I’m actually not but not because I don’t like the idea of having an international day that makes our significant others remember to tell us how special we are or buy us a bunch of flowers to show they care, it’s because of the whole “one day”. I’m more for showing my love everyday and indeed I feel like I achieve this whether it’s skyping my nieces and nephews in QLD, packing my boyfriends lunch or sending my dad a text just to tell him I love him (even though I know he doesn’t know how to reply), it’s the little things that go a long way.

This year, I am lucky enough to be in love, however, with a man who doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because he was once a lover scorned on February 14. Therefore it made me think, is this a legitimate reason to not celebrate the international day of love or a cop out on his behalf? I never cared before, so why do I care now? Is it the old rule of you want what you can’t have and Christian (my love) if you’re reading this I apologise to you that I made you the subject of this week’s post.


After those confessions it leads us to Livvy May’s guide to Valentine’s Day featuring where to go and what to wear, with a twist as I will be spending Saturday night with the gal pals (all single) wining, dining and helping them pick up a Valentine or two (fingers crossed). I’m hoping my BF waits up to spend a little of the evening with me – or the early hours of the morning perhaps 😉 I may even wear a surprise or two underneath my night time attire to spice things up. I know you’re probably all gorgeous women who wear lovely lingerie every day (like this gorgeous set from Bras N Things) but confession time, I am not and I’m sure Christian will be delighted with the change from the work week beige banger (yep, I said it, I wear beige g-strings nearly all day, every working day!!!) to something a little more dainty and feminine. Come on it’s hard to keep those things we wished boys never knew about us under wraps when you live together.


Anyway, Saturday night, the girls and I are hitting Mrs Sippy for dinner – it’s chic, full of men (not that I’ll be looking but a fab wing woman must know these things in advance) and is close enough to hop from one hotspot to another. The food is always tasty and reasonably priced and the cocktails are heavenly – the question now lies with what to wear. Love and romance always makes me think of a cute dress with a smudge of sexiness thrown into the mix and I love this number which is so comfy and super affordable from Dotti – perfect for day or night. The A-line skirt gives it a floaty feel, almost Marilyn Monroe style blowing in the breeze but the off the shoulder style is what puts the V in vamp, showing off a slight amount of skin but not taking it too far. Team this with a wicked wedge or killer stiletto and a bold red lip and I think your Valentine’s look is on game.


I must admit I think I’ll find it a little difficult being out with the girls and watching all the couples dining out around me and my friends sizing up the man candy in the room knowing the only candy I want is waiting for me at home, in our love nest by the beach. However, what I also know is exactly what I’ve believed in for many years and that’s love should be celebrated everyday and that’s how I live my life. I challenge you to 365 days of Valentine’s joy and that can come in the form of any relationship built by love.

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies! Sending all my love to you x x

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